How you guys doing in your first year?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Drake22, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Drake22

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    Hello, been following the forum for a while now. First time posting. Just curious how everyone else's year is going? This is my first year In the business. I've always loved mowing. I started the year of with 0 costumers with a stihl trimmer I already had, no blower, and I crappy puoulin pro push mower. Scored a few clients off of Facebook ads and before I knew it word spread and in a few months I am currently up to 22 costumers. Landed one big rock job (remove and replace 11 tons). To me seemed big. After about two weeks my mower took a crap ( used it on my moms yard growing up for years) so I picked up a Honda self propel. Working great so far. Also picked up a bg55 stihl handheld blower. About two weeks ago a quite my job once I reached 15 clients. Since then have picked up another 7.

    Started out working out of my Kia Soul and just folding the seats down and just picked up a 1998 s10 with 115k miles the other day. (Working great so far for the small setup I am using) I guess I'm just loving the work and things seam to be growing fast. I am in the works of getting insurance and legalizing my company ( have heard some gravel/ mulch hit cars/houses) can't stand the idea of actually damaging someone else's property even though I know we try not to it seems inevitable over time. Sorry for the long post just curious how everyone else is doing there first year in business? (I plan on picking up a full time job during the off season for the first couple years, until I can get the right setup to hopefully be a profitable one man operation)
  2. Rockbridge Lawn Care LLC

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    sounds like your off to a good start.

    Word to the wise tho...if you win every job then your pricing yourself to low, regardless of where the lead came from.

    How come you didn't get insurance and a license first thing? I'm not going to harp on it, but your contradicting yourself as you can't imagine causing damage to someone else or their property.... as you pointed out it WILL happen, just a matter of when
  3. NLPS

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    I'm not as busy as i could be but i'm getting a lot of tire kickers. I still have some big commercial clients and some small residential clients but not as many as i'd like. Glad to see you're off to a good start.
  4. kabrac

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    Awesome Dude! Way to go!
  5. moron88

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    i meet with the lawyer on monday to finalize my LLC. originally met with him 2 months ago... i havent done any work because i was waiting on the LLC. already have a couple potential clients in mind. i'm going to be doing gravel driveway repairs and with as wet as it's been here, some driveways are perpetually flooded. prime targets for a fresh layer of gravel. i'm fully insured and well equipped, just need jobs now.
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  6. Greencuts518

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    I don't have 22 lawns, but my phone constantly rings for other stuff, so far a successful first year...This early drought sucks ,but a reminder that you can't always depend on the mowing $$
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  7. Drake22

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    Honestly the reason I didn't start out by getting my business lagalized and insured is because I didn't know if it would work out or not. I did just score another 2 clients for weekly service today! I know there are a few that I have under priced($25 that takes me about 30-40 minutes) and I try to keep moving while I'm onsite. And I also have a few that I over quoted ($50-$75 and only takes be about 30 minutes) I am slowly getting better and thinking through exactly how long everything will take while I do my initially walk around. Right now I only mow Wednesday-Friday. And try to do odd jobs on Monday and Tuesday. Done a few clean ups. One I way under bid ($150 and it took me a whole day and had a truck and trailer load to take to the dump) I spoke with the client and she was more than happy with how it tuned out And agreed to pay $350. When I quite my job I was making $400 per week so I pay myself that every week and put the rest in the bank. Should I pay myself more or just keep doing this for now? This pays my bills and puts food on the table so it's not like I'm struggling but would be nice to make a little more. In my head I want to save up enough by the end of this year to maybe bye a 36 inch walk behind or a timemastwr or something a little wider backyard I have so big yards and 3 commercial accounts (8 plex apartment things) and kinda sucks walking back and forth so many are some pics of my work.



  8. Greencuts518

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    I was gonna buy a timemaster but settled for Bradley walk behind 36" ...great commercial mowers for $1446 winter sale...lil higher now
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  9. Mitty87

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    It really doesn't matter what you pay yourself, you are going to spend what you need and put the rest in the business. Just try to get to the point where you have a few thousand dollars in reserve for slow times or a truck or equipment break down. Keep in mind future expenses like mower replacement and new vehicles.
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  10. James - East Lawn Care

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    Outside of family and friends I have my first customer on Sunday. Cautiously optimistic heading forward!

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