How you guys doing in your first year?

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    Know what your worth, and charge accordingly...try your hardest not to work for family, they expect you to give them a deal and work for nothing basically. Where I am, I basically have 8 months to make money and then winter sets in and then it’s just about surviving for those months. The time spent at a family members place working for peanuts could be spent at a clients place making better money...
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    In the fall may be the end of grass cutting but it's also the beginnings of doing leaves.
    Depending on your area you can charge by the weight of each bag or a set amount for each bag.
    In my area it's around 5$ Per full bag.
    and the last bag is usually $2.50.

    What size trailer are you using?
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    First thing I suggest is getting a medium size one axel trailer. This would give you the opportunity to upgrade equipment. Get a 48” zero turn or bigger and keep the push mower for back yards that the ztr won’t fit in. DONT PULL ANY LOANS OUT for mowing. This has ended far more companies than it needs to. Wait until you have saved up enough. Start paying yourself hourly and putting the rest towards the business. You should have enough for a commercial ztr in under two months! Good work keep it up!
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    Just about the end of my first season, I started with no backups, no customers and zero cash in the bank and a borrowed trailer. I really didnt think I would make it the full season without going back to a part-time or full time regular job. But, here I am. I will be going back to my trucking company at the end of October but I think I did well. Next year should be a lot easier. I have a small group of five customers that Ive offered service to next year and Ive signed about 4 commercial accounts with another ten or so in the wings for 2019. Premium services only.
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    How do you get commercial contracts?
    I've been calling around seeing if I could service there lawn.
    Not much luck yet.

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