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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by usapatriot801, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. usapatriot801

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    I just bought a 52" howard price walk behind. It is the first commercial mower I have had, but I have been mowing lawns for about 3 years. I was wondering if the double blades will cause a problem on uneven ground, and getting through gates. Also, how are they in terms of reliability and performance?
  2. bigclawn

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    should you not be asking BEFORE you buy??????
  3. Mowingman

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    Wow, I didn't know howard Price was still in business. Last I heard they had shut down, sold out, and the new owner was only going to build parts to support what few machines are still out there in service.
    Did you buy a new one, or a used one? They made a pretty tough mower, but it is pretty well known that any Howard Price machine is almost impossible to get parts for.
  4. Breezmeister

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    Good Luck.....You might need it ;)
  5. gravedigger5

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    They are located in St. Louis MO
    My first commercial mower was a Howard Price 48" and it was a tank. Could not hurt it. Spindles were huge, and the hole in the blade was 1 1/4"
    I ran doubles on it, but the only place I could find blades or other parts was from Howard Price directly. Go to their website to get their phone number.

    P.S. Hope your gates are bigger than 52" or it won't fit:confused:
  6. TheKingOfLawns

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    Another vote for Howard Price. I have a 48" and love it.

    It's as solid as a moutain, the deck that you can quickly adjust from fixed to floating is great, and the seperate adjustments for each hydro is awesome to have.

    Parts are terrible! You can only get them from Howard Price and they take you to the cleaners on EVERYTHING, and if it's beyond your repair, you'd better figure out a way to figure it out on your own. NO ONE services them anymore. Closest place to me is 3 hours away in Wisconsin.
  7. Swampy

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    Years ago we had two Howard Price WAMs....... They just suck big fat donkey wewe. In the first season after having them for 3 months the paint pretty much all but flaked off. The second season they both where in and out the repair shop at least 3 times a month, the bad thing is they wouldn't break down on the same day to save the trip as well. I'm glad we put both in towards a trade for a Toro 580D.

    Moral of the Story: They are rolling turds, I'd avoid them with a ten foot poll.

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