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How'd they do that?


LawnSite Senior Member
Just got a mailer from local fertilizer company with a preprinted price quote on my lawn. How'd they do that.

Is there some place that list the lot size of subdivisions. Usually I just get a flyer on the door with a handwritten estimate.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Raleigh, NC
Hmm... I know here where I live there is a website that you can go to and pull up peoples information such as their house price, house picture, and maybe even their property size... not sure though.


LawnSite Fanatic
yup, there is a place for the lot size, but I am not sure about the house size though

Team Gopher

LawnSite Platinum Member
Hi JSR2741,

Maybe they are basing the quote on the property value? You can review this site and see if it is helpful.

"Thank you for using Jackson County's Tax Search Web Page.
You may search for tax information about Individual Personal property or Real Estate property using a Parcel Number, a Name or an Address."

Ground Master

LawnSite Senior Member
colorado springs
I'll bet all your neighbors got the same price. They probably drive up and down every other street or so and take notes on the approxiamate size of yards. I coud do this in many neighborhoods........just call them all 50 dollar yards and you are set. I

Its actually a pretty good marketing strategy. They probably figure what the biggest yard in any given subdivision is and call that the "minimum price" They base all the prices off that amount. If your yard is smaller, you get the screw job.