How's business? Lawnsite's lighting forum, 2006 to 2011.

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Jan 22, 2011.

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    "Good luck to everyone in an unforgiving economy," Chris Johnson (6-01-09).

    Optimism and denial was my usual response for: how's business? So, I went back and read between the lines. Let's face it, if we are to survive and experience growth, we need to face actual market conditions and actual market trends.

    I e-mailed my manu's rep requesting specific regional and/or national market data to help me plan my business and create a new model, but I got no data, no summary. Just, "Great!"

    The first week of January, 2006, Lawnsite's Landscape Lighting forum only contained two threads about Christmas Lighting.

    I sampled the first week of each January, and the first week of June, counting a sample of posts/replies for '07, '08, '09, '10, and '11. (E-mail me if you want more technical info on how I collected this, it gets tricky with post & reply dates).

    For '07, my sampling found 292 posts & replies, 75 on installations, service, product specs, and 117 on other topics, such as business, technology, resources, and general discussions.

    2008: The busiest for participation at 387 posts/replies. 205 for specific or actual installations/service, and 182 on other topics. (This only includes up to the first week of June.)

    Summer 2008: banking and real estate crisis.

    2009 Jan/June sampling: 32 posts/replies for installations, service, specifying products, and 33 for other topics.

    From a post:

    seagul files for chapter 11 bankruptcy 12-27-2009.... it's a reminder about staying lean until the storm passes. Conserve cash, stick with the basics.

    2010 (same time), 35 posts replies regarding actual installations/service, and 20 for all other topics.

    This year, for the first week of January, 2011, there were no discussions on actual lighting installations or particular service work. 18 posts replies on other topics.

    Use this information as you wish. I would appreciate any additional info about new trends or successful ideas in lighting or landscaping, as I am planning on re-entering this business. "Good things come to those who wait." is one of those timeless sayings. It must be repeated so often because it is true don't you think? (James, 1/01/2008).
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    salesman in general don't usually fit in the category of "information/data gatherer" and my guess is that the owners of the business don't either. As the industry grows and we experience more of the Toro/Unique mergers those who are paid to do those types of studies will do so and the information will come. I'm sure some already do them, but look at how much the industry has grown over these past 5 years. Outdoor low voltage lighting, as a profession, is still a new concept in my region. As for the posts on this site. I think in 08/09 many were out hustling to get work and from what I hear through the AOLP grapevine now there are many with little time to chat because they are covered up with work now like they have never been at this time of year in the past. I don't know if numbers of chats on any site is a way to porperly measure this industry
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    The fact that I'm on lawnsite at all for any post indicates that I am totally bored, I'm finished with all of the proposals I need to work up, I'm caught up on my to-do list and have already watched all of the current episodes of "The Chase", "V", "Hell's Kitchen", "Storage Wars", "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "CSI".

    It also indicates that I've probably already seen all of the good new Blu-Ray movies that came out that week.

    So I'm not sure any of the postings on Lawnsite indicate being busy. For me, it indicates the opposite. Which is why I don't post much during the spring and summer.

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