Hows everybody doin with their marketing for the 08 season?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DK lawn care, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. DK lawn care

    DK lawn care LawnSite Senior Member
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    How are you guys all doin? How about u LCO's from ohio?
  2. RickR1818

    RickR1818 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am from Indiana and so far it hasn't been great. I just got my door hangers today so hopefully that will help. This cool rainy weather isn't helping. I am thinking that around the end of the month or beginning of April it will pick up. I am eager to hear from others in this area also.
  3. lawnpro724

    lawnpro724 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I advertise all over the place in every phone book in the newspaper on the trucks on the guys and even on those benches outside of stores. In the last week I have picked up close to $20,000 in new landscaping jobs so yes things are working out great. You have to spend the money to keep your name out in front of everyone all the time and then you have to do great work so everyone is happy and then word of mouth will bring in even more work. Half the new business I do every year is from word of mouth and the other is from advertising.
  4. Weekes

    Weekes LawnSite Member
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    Nearly $0 dollars spent and actually have not "advertised" this year, just a few phone calls and letters sent. Have about $40,000 increase in jobs this year so far. Mostly HOA/commercial so no guarantee's on them for next year, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Not saying this will happen every year, just a good year so far. I know I'll have to kick into advertising again sometime, but we are pleased so far.
  5. PlatinumLandCon

    PlatinumLandCon LawnSite Bronze Member
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    18" of snow still on the ground here, will start to advertise in about 2 weeks.
  6. DK lawn care

    DK lawn care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I wanted to pass out flyers last sat and sun. But we got hit buy 24 inchs of snow. So i was doin snow removal for the sat and sun now i am out of town. I dont get back untill next fri. IS that to late to be passin out flyers and stuff?
  7. Weekes

    Weekes LawnSite Member
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    Not if you are still getting hit with snow.

    Actually it is good to advertise all the time. I pick up new clients in August. Yes there are windows when it will be better, but I get new clients year round.
  8. DK lawn care

    DK lawn care LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ur right, but for the past 2 days its been 40 to 50 so all that snow is meltin. We never get snow but for some random reason we got hit big time.
  9. nathan D.

    nathan D. LawnSite Member
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    About two weeks ago down here in Missiouri the weather man said we was not supposed to get any snow. And i wake up the next morning and there was 4 inches of snow. So i worked till about 5 pm plowing snow get home and the next morning there was about another 3 inches of snow. I mean it i am sick and tired of this cold weather. I am really wanting it to get to about 70 or 80 degres
  10. TheTurfTender

    TheTurfTender LawnSite Member
    from Mn
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    I had this posted in another post, but it's relavent:

    My marketing campaign in a nutshell.

    Service Magic Account Leads


    Yahoo Search Marketing

    Yahoo Local Listings

    Citysearch Listings.

    3" by 5" add in local paper 78,000 circulation running 8 weeks

    2000 door hangers going out starting next week!

    All in all a little over 1K in marketing cost.

    So, as a pilot. I figured I would print up 10-20 business flyers and go into a couple of shops and try out my game. It needs a little work, and I want my message to be consistent. So printing out 12 half-ass flyers seem to be an economical way go in getting ready for a hopefully busy late march and April.

    So you did miss a little, but it would have been hard to visualize seeing I never put the info out there till now!

    Happy Hunting to us all!!

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