how's everyone doing so far this season?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bruno_rs, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. bruno_rs

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    i'm in northwest jersey and for the 1st time, really feeling the "pinch". been doing this (lawn/estate maintenance) for a bunch of years now and have always counted on happy and/or satified customers, word of mouth and fliers if need be. so far this season i lost a few "problem" customers (good riddens) and unfortunately have picked up NO new ones. i got my (800) fliers out over the last few weeks and haven't received one call... i double checked the contact info just to make sure a mistake wasn't made! are you all pulling in work, or is this "lull" a byproduct of the overall economy? i'm in an area which is quite affluent and didn't think my business would be affected too greatly however some friends, in other fields, said it's "rough" for them too, right now. how are you all doing and what's selling well and/or not, in your neck of the woods?
  2. packey

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    I would say hold on 800 flyers is not alot to get a response off of yet. Is nj just as dormant as northwest colorado. because if it is my customers are not even thinking of lawn work now. I noticed while in dfw metro area a slow start as well. I think people are watching to much tv and doing to much worrying about the economy. Every where I have looked in the past two weeks we where on vacation said that the economy was going strong in their areas. I spoke with a friend who does computer work for Niemen Marcus and he said one of their people was telling him business is only slowing in certain areas. Unfortunatley for you NJ, NY, Pn, Fl, Ca and Mi where where the enconomy is floundering. It seems every where else it is holding its on or growing. As far me I have gone from just over 20 accounts part time last year to back over 70 this year. and I am still waiting to hear from Walgreens, Kmart, Big O Tires and a Holiday Inn.
  3. Atlantic Lawn

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    Good Luck out that way, going from 20 to 70 is a huge jump, what do you attribute it to ?
  4. bruno_rs

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    hey packey, glad to hear someones expanding... must be nice to take a vacation. i too had a vacation... 4 months of NO snow for my trucks to just sit and COST (not make) me money! oh well, no sense cryin about it, s#!t happens or sometimes don't... hurts, in more ways than 1, when it don't. thought things would pick up, in the spring, but no such luck! weather around here has everyone thinking spring but i'm scary slow. figured i'd get my fliers out and do alittle "fishin"... that's why i got them out when i did. this season i don't know what's happening, thus this thread. as i said, i'm in an affluent area and the economy and/or fuel prices should NOT be affecting many of the customers around here thus the lco's "should" be busy. however, it's becoming painfully obvious, all the "old/blue blood money" has either died off and/or moved away. while some may not like their sense of entitlement they always pay their bills immediately and KNOW they need you. moreover, they are appreciative... nothing worse than working for someone and they make you feel as if they are doing you a favor! unfortunately the "new money", moving in, are just that and tend to live WAY beyond their means. this new bread of customers could care less about your business and/or family... it's all about keeping as much as they possibly can, for themselves. once i get out and about i "should" be ok... i get alot of "got a minutes" and/or referrals from my best customers. in all the years i've been doing this, i've never started a spring season with such a light schedule. best of luck to you all. have a good one
  5. bruno_rs

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    i guess from the lack of interest, in this thread, most of you are kickin a$$ this season. may be time to reevaluate my "plan". i've checked with a few other local lco's and quite a few said their start up has been slower than normal. how are the rest of you north jersey boys doing out there? looking forward to hearing from you. have a good one.
  6. Smallaxe

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    I worked 4 days so far this spring. At least this is Wisco's idea of spring. Will expand the business when summer comes. :)
  7. rodfather

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    above normal start for us with already about 200 yards of mulch put in as well.
  8. bruno_rs

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  9. shade tree landscaping

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    Down here in Monmoth County nothing to jump and down about, nor nothing to complain about. I personally feel, or at least tell myself, that its the weather, all we need is one nice day on a weekend and the phone will be rining off the hook.
  10. lawnpro724

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    I have had better years. This one I will have to wait and see so far its not looking very good.

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