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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Infinite, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Infinite

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    I am just starting in business on my own after doing lawn care for 4 previous years and was just wondering how I am doing so far? I picked up to lawns for a total of $90-these calls came from a flyer I hung up at a local grocery store, I got 2 decent landscaping jobs that total $900-one came from an add I ran in the free classifieds and the other came from a business card that someone saw. I handed out about 350 flyers in paperboxes but no calls from them. I was just wondering if this is where I want to be so far just starting? I figure my business can only grow from here. Also I was wondering if I should get shirts made to wear because one of the landscaping jobs is right at the square in my small town and people should see the shirts?
  2. traman

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    your off and running ,instead of shits which is still a good idea ,makes you look more professional ,get some signs on the truck or trailer your name and phone number ,something that stands out
  3. northwest lawn

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    you will take off dont worry. my first season on my own was last season i only had 11 mow clients now im up 104 in my second season. i also handle lots of mulch and landscaping jobs all year long i have a crew of four guys three to mow and work with me and one to do fertilizer. be patient
  4. Howard Roark

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    from Texas
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    I would make sure those flyers grab people's attention! Things like "SPRING SPECIAL!!" or some catchy header will keep their interest and keep them out of the trash. Sounds like you're off and running though, good luck!
  5. William J. L.

    William J. L. LawnSite Member
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    Check the Sunday paper under Business Opportunities. There's always someone in there getting rid of a lawn route (or a vending route LOL)
    Most guys who want to get out of it will take monthly payments. I knew a guy who built up his business just doing that.
  6. Infinite

    Infinite LawnSite Member
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    I also have to mention I live in a rural area so most of my business will be based on senior citizens.
  7. jarroo's lawncare

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    i went door to door handing out flyers and got a spring cleanup job after passing out about 100 or so, I put an add in the paper an got 1 call and got the job, and I mailed out about 200 flyers targeting certain neighborhoods so far I have gotten 7 just from the mailers. It can be expensive but I think it has been very effective for me.

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