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  1. Mickhippy

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    I copied this from the Commercial section because I hadn't received any replies yet!..................................

    I was just interested if any of you have purchased the Hustler ATZ.

    If so, how are they treating you?

    Do they leave the burn spots like "some" of the other models?

    What problems if any have you had?

    Has it lived up to your expectations?

    Just like to know how there going really, the good and the bad!

    And one for mowerconsultant, is it ever going to have a diesel power plant in it? Now that would be a machine!


  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    I never did come to an understandng of the excessive wheelbase.

    Makes no sense for hilling control

    Makes no sense for cutting hills either

    But atleast Hustler made the effort.....
  3. mowerconsultant

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    Have you run the ATZ ? if you have then you would not be making these comments.
    It is all in the design of the unit, I will put the ATZ up against any stock mid mount ZTR on the market for hill side mowing, there simply is none better than the ATZ.
    We have sold a LOT of these units and I have not had anyone complain that it cant do what it was meant for. (25 degree slope mowing)
    Please call your closest Hustler dealer and arrange a demo, then make your comments based on actually running the unit.

    Thank you
  4. mowerconsultant

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    I am hearing that there will be a diesel in the future.
    I have no time frame or pricing.

  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Oh Pj,

    Let's settle down now... I'm not bashing here... just making a statement. I'm not the anti-Hustler type... quite the contrary actually... if you only knew what I've been trying to do to help you guys out... nuff said.

    All I was saying, and I believe I said the same thing when I first laid eyes on the ATZ, is this... The extra long wheelbase just makes no logical sense to me is all and certainly not for a hill mower. My first assumption was that the frame was extended to facilitate the roll cage.

    That remains my assumption for several reasons. I haven't seen the need for extended wheelbase to prevent tipping over backwards while going up 25* slopes. I also don't see how it can possibly have a positive effect on side hilling ability either. Seems the extended wheelbase just gives gravity more leverage. Downhilling I have not taken into account yet...

    Anyways, I could be 100% wrong and maybe I'm missing the point of how it's intended to be operated or something.... the point is nobody has taken the opportunity to explain the reason for the extended wheelbase. So until it's explained to me otherwise I'll hang on to the belief that if you applied all the ATZ features to the Hustler Z frame, you'd have a better hill mower.

    Yes, there is a freindly neighborhood Hustler dealer in my area now, thanks to yours truely... but no I haven't arranged an ATZ demo although I would love to just for kicks. I wouldn't do it just for kicks though, as I know I would have no intention of buying one. The primary reason for that being the wheelbase issue and it's effect on cut quality. The deck would 'crown out' like crazy and 'ride up' over the grass at the base of hills and dips....

    I still think you guys are A #1 though...
    That's my constructive criticism for the day...
    I will now shut my trap!...
  6. mowerconsultant

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    No need to settle down here, never got riled up in the first place.
    I am just stating that you need to run the unit to see the benefit's of it design, in particular, the extended frame.
    The extended frame is not to facilitate the roll cage, we could of done that with a std length unit easily.
    The longer frame distributes the weight in a totally different manner, and with the added weight (in the rear) and extra width of the rear it makes for one hill hugging ZTR.
    One of the most common problems with ZTR's when side hilling is the front end wanting to slide downward, adding the extra length in the front basically lightens the front ends pressure on the ground lightens the front ends pressure on the ground, thus transferring more weight to the rear of the unit, there is a fine balance point built into this unit, and several length units and several different weight combinations (in the rear) were tested for a good period of time before we found the combo we were looking for.
    The Super Z is similar in engine and pumps, and that is all, this unit is longer, wider, heavier (where it is needed) it also has different tires, rims and higher torque wheel motors to handle the added pressures of hillside mowing.
    I hope this helps you understand our design a little better.
    I am going to be in Charlotte for the GIE, maybe I will stick around a couple extra days and bring ya up a ATZ, so you can see it in action.

  7. Mickhippy

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    Mowerconsultant, would it be possible to add the weight over the drive wheels and the high torque wheel motors to a standard Super Z? Basically, just modify a Super Z to look standard but have those added features. I have no need or want to mow at 24km/h but like the idea of the torque getting to the ground, not wheel spin. I hope you know what I mean!
    Just beef up the standard Super Z!

    Also, how are you guys going on that burning issue?
  8. chrisa

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    Mick, the ATZ is finally here in Aust. with one being sold in Nth Qld. Was demo'd one on one with other brands and was the only one that would mow the slopes. Have another on the floor here in Brisbane if you wish to throw your leg over although I'm not sure where you are. Would you like brochures? Call me if you wish 07 3277 3233, 0409 721498 - Chris Adams
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    Way to go! Finally an explaination... something I can bite off and chew on a while! It's one of those "more than meets the eye" designs that came from true R&D. KUDOS! Now I can see why the long frame explaination is not part of the 'advertising' in the literature or online. I understand better now and the added length is easier for me to rationalize.

    Anyways, I applaude you guys for doing the R&D and addressing some zero turn issues that no other companies seem to want to tackle. I'm a big fan of the frame design on all the Hustlers as I can see their merit. But as much as I am a fan, I'm also a constructive critic. This is not because I want to bust anyone's balls. Quite the contrary... I'm trying to give the occasional motivational nudge because I want to see you guys excel and hustle that much farther ahead of the rest. I hope you see some evidence of what I'm trying to do 'coming down the pipes' in the months ahead.

    As for the GIE in Charlotte, it's great to hear you are coming. I'm going to do my best to make it now. I'll have a chance to meet you, and the show couldn't be, will it ever be any closer to home. It's maybe a little more than an hour from me this year. I just hadn't been motivated to come out to this show or any of the others because they are always scheduled during the absolute worst time of year possible.... Leaves falling, grass growing, November apps, last chance work, ect... But I gotta do my best to make this one show now...

    As for seeing the ATZ in action, I'd be all for that. There is certainly no shortage of challenges for it here in the North Carolina mountains and foothills. I'm sure I can find some challenging yet safe testing grounds grounds for it between now and then. But I would certainly want to arange it in a fashion that wouldn't "put you out" any. I say that because I have made no secret of the fact I would have no intention of actually buying one due to the scalping issue.

    But if I liked the handling, it would make for good advertising and I would certainly pass some marketing leads your way. I say that because if it sticks, there is still quite a market for it here, designed 'as is'....
  10. mowerconsultant

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    I am told it is possible, the handling will be off on the unit, due to the added weight and no change in the frame length, and of course you can bolt the higher torque wheel motors in place of the current units, but at a price I am sure is not inexpensive.
    The "burning issue" is being taken care of in the form of a field installed kit for current owners and in the future units off the production line will also be taken care of.


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