Hows this for a business card?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 1BadHawk, Feb 11, 2005.

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    I like the picture's but I agree that it's the wrong fonts.Maybe try weekly maintenance or lawn maintenace instead of listing trimming,edging and grass cutting then you have room for something else.

    Just a thought.
  2. MMLawn

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    I tend to agree Merlin. Maybe I am old school but in some cases I think simple is better. Now I could afford (those cards btw will be expensive if a printer does them) any card I want but I chose plain old white with black print, Company Name, Phone Number, address, www site and my name as owner (because I personally guarantee each clients service).

    Now I know color probably sells, but I have never had anyone ask for my business card and then say no I changed my mind.

    I think sometimes in business you can get too wrapped up in what is really minor stuff, the business cards, logos, letter head, etc and forget the basics such as actually working hard, doing great work, properly advertising in plain simple english without expensive smoke and mirrors and getting the clients through that.
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    I agree with this too. The font on the first 3 cards drives me nuts. It's horrible. If it weren't for the font, I'd choose card #1. It's brighter and the picture and phone number stand out more. But as they are, I gotta chose #4.
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    Hi 1BadHawk,

    The images on all your cards are really nice. I like this background the most.

  5. 1BadHawk

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    Thanks you guyz, I appreciate the input and its all good input. I also realise I mispelled some words, but thats ok, their just drafts for now, ill proofread and repost when that time comes. THese were just the first few. Im gonna try and make a few with a different theme.

    Lawn-Scapes: So far I havnt seen any palms in Glen Burnie, but im still looking. Found a few pink flamingos but no palm trees.

    Devil: Thanks for the constructive criticism, and I agree too, that from a customers standpoint they may think Im too expensive. For that reason, I'll be going door to door, or mailbox to mailbox dropping off these cards along with a door hangar or flyer, listing some of our prices, so they'll know exactly where we stand. I agree with you though, the impression sometimes misdirects customers', but on the other hand it may also conivince them to think we are more of a profressional service vs someone with home made cards, or plain white cards with all green font.

    But I definately see your point.

    Thanks again everyone, all good input, and I will make necessary changes, and repost later for future imput as well.

    PS: Personaly, I like the background of #3 with the font on #4.
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    I have a question. Are these homes typical of the homes/lawns that you'd be targeting? If so, then they are fine. The people will appreciate that you appear to do high quality work on upscale properties.

    But if not, then as was already said, they will make you look too expensive. You don't want to put out cards like that in neighborhoods where the homes/lawns aren't quite that upscale.

    Oh, and as far as choosing one, I'll let you know when you've narrowed it down to 3 or 4! LOL! Too many to choose from right now! :)

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