How's this for service, honoring warranty and parts delivery?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Apr 12, 2006.

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    OK, back in October I ran into a trivial little issue with the Z-two. I called in and they said they would take care of it no-problem. It was into leaf season and I was supposed to e-mail some info to square it away. But I got busy and found an alternate way to make-do. In the end, I forgot to even follow through.

    But I ended up being reminded of the situation this spring and FINALLY I remembered to call back about it sometime last minute on Friday 4/7/06.

    When I called back to corporate support a PERSON answered the phone, not voicemail. I explained the situation and they said they would cover the parts under warranty, problem unseen, and my word was good enough. So there was no burden of proof that had to be satisfied on my part, which was really nice.

    Anyways, the guy says he'll transfer paperwork to the girls and get the parts sent out to me. I said great, do I need to return the bad parts to you? To which he replied no.

    The parts I needed would certainly be an extremely rare item to ever get ordered. So much so, I figured they would probably have to have them pulled from the MFG parts bin at the factory. Plus they are in Ohio and I am in North Carolina. So I was figuring it would be a WHILE before the needed parts arrived.

    My call.... Last minute on Friday 4/7/06
    Parts Arrival.... On my doorstep Tuesday 4/11/07

    Here I was thinking the parts were probably not even in the box yet, and there I stood with them in-hand.

    Now to me, that's service and support! :cool2:
  2. Littleriver1

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    I can't believe you told us what day it was. Your not known as a man of details.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Don't know what that's supposed to mean exactly, but it did make me realize the date typo... 07 of course is not here yet lol.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well... I dunno... maybe this thread was taken the wrong way or something? :confused:

    I didn't mean it as a bragg or gloat.........
    Just giving an example of the level of service, support and parts delivery I recieve from Lesco.

    Anyways, this is just an example of why I speak highly of them in this area when it comes up.
  5. Richard Martin

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    I'm not taking it as a brag or gloat, just as what it is, a statement about Lesco's good service.

    I've always gotten really good service from my local Lesco dealer, even when they switched managers. The new manager took the time to find out who I was and what I did even though I am one of the smallest fish to walk through their door.

    I'll be moving to NC in about 3 weeks and the closest Lesco is about 100 miles from me. It looks like I'll only be making that trip once or twice a year.
  6. LwnmwrMan22

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    Envy -

    I don't know about you, but that's not out of the norm for me.

    My Kubota dealer, or the other dealer that I deal with for parts for my Ferris, handheld equipment, or PermaGreen, they've always "next-dayed" the parts for me if they didn't have them in stock, and still ate the cost of shipping.

    I'm not talking about your situation, since it's a warranty issue and it's coming straight from Lesco, but I know my Kubota dealer, they'd rather stock the normal stuff (blades, belts, filters, etc.) and overnight the other stuff and eat the cost of shipping, rather than have parts on hand that may sit there for 1-2 years before someone finally needs it.

    Now it WOULD be nice to walk in the dealer and say I need this NOW and walk out, but at the same time, there's always something that I can do for a day if it's a major part that shuts me down. I've learned to understand that if it's something that's rare, like you said, that basically places don't want to carry a parts inventory as much as in the past, so if they'll next day it for me, then that's just fine.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yeah, they gotta build some more Lesco's in NC.
    My service center is 80 miles from me.

    So this brings me to my kicking/screaming/pouting session I have went through 3 times in the last few days.... I knew I needed to replace a few items at some point this year. But they kicked the bucket earlier than I expected... and as always, this sort of stuff happens at the worst possible time. The kind of situations where you need to go straight right then, buy something and return to work with it.

    Well, I had to buy a new push spreader and a new backpack sprayer over the last few days. Each item I needed right then, so I decided to surrender to the "K.I.S.S. system" and buy local look-alike versions of the Lesco stuff.

    So the spreader 'favors' the lesco spreader, but does not have the stainless frame and nice handlebars.

    The backpack I went with was from Tractor Supply. Looks just freakin like the Lesco, Solo, SP Systems and RL Flowmaster Pro sprayers. But the super nice K.I.S.S. part of it is that they stock all the little parts right there handy. So I bought it and a whole replacement parts kit to have on hand... thinking I was doing good and "keeping it simple stupid" ya know?

    Well, I get it out of the box and ready to work. It still looks just like the others, but I can see right off there are some 'economy' items on it. The frame is painted instead of stainless. The backpack straps suck. Not nice and padded. Not well secured at the bottom, ect. So I have to rig up the straps at the bottom to secure them. I fill it up and throw it on, only to have chemicals leak out around the lid and down my back.

    I take it off to find when it is tilted to one side it leaks. So I figure the lid is not tight enough. So I turn it a little more and it pops loose instead of tightning. While it's off I notice that the tank mouth is all out of shape, which accounts for the leaking. So I have to take it all back.

    So I'm having my little tantrum about not being able to just get the Lesco stuff I want. So I decide not to exchange. Again I'm having my kicking/screaming/pouting session as I'm hunting an SP Systems 189. Not a friggin one to be had it all of two towns. So I end up having to choose between an RL Flowmaster Pro or an SP Systems Landscaper's Choice 2, both of which look just like the one from tractor supply, Lesco and the rest.... plus I got to pay more for it than I would have through Lesco, which I would have much rather patronized anyways...

    This one looks at lot better though. So we will see how it works when I finish TOMORROW.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, I think that's great. I wish we had dealers like that here locally but we don't. We have maybe one that is close, but only time will tell. But basically, I have just never had the pleasure of having a local dealer be that good and fast with parts/service/warranty.

    Like I've said before, I went with Lesco once I got fed up and realized I would either...
    (A) Have to take a gamble with one local dealer.
    (B) Go with an out of town dealer.

    I decided to choose (B) and once I decided that, I figured I may as well drive down and check out Lesco. From the first phone call until today, Lesco has been 'earning' my business.

    And like I have said here before, Lesco makes my local dealers look bad from 80 miles away... and now I guess you could say they make them look bad all the way from Ohio....

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