How's this for well water residue

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bblawncare, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. bblawncare

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    This is the inside of the index valve from the clogged well I worked on last week. The owner had me come back today and replace 13 rotors and fix all the other breaks-after testing the system several times, the system got stuck on one zone-so I opened up the valve and found this lovely mess. Got my wire brush/bucket of water out and did a little house cleaning. Dropped in a new stem and disc, tightened the screws, and it worked flawlessly. Boy, if that is what the well point looked before the acid, no wonder it had very little flow.


  2. Waterit

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    Pretty nasty-looking! Looks like a prime candidate for a Rid-O-Rust type setup. We see a lot of that also up here in NW Florida.
  3. AI Inc

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    Ive seen a lot in the west palm area too. Where does it come from? Up here in graniteland its a byproduct of granite and easy to explain its existance.I could never figure out its source in " gods waiting room "

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    Replace 13 rotors huh? Hopefully that lead to nice chunk of change Barb. Don't give that stuff away now.
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    Depends on what dinosaur died and got covered over millions of years ago.

    I've always wondered myself but never got into the geology of it. Have a buddy works for a soil-testing company, I'll ask and post his reply.
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    Did someone BBQ a brisket in there?
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    It comes from tannins and/or iron in the groundwater.

    Rid-O-Rust will definitely help as long as the system is maintained.
  8. bblawncare

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    What?? Pick up, delivery, and install is not FREE with the purchase of 13 rotors?!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

    (I am only kidding, Peter)
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    anyone care to explain how that puppy works?



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