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    No, I meant an acidifier like LS 700. For your growth of density increase. This stuff is awesome, because it opens the guard cells of the stomata of the plant. You get much better effect and use of your ferts you put down. I was taught this by the superintendent of Warwick Hills. (Home of the Buick Open) This guy also has taken numerous awards for the finest kept course in the PGA tour. He's awesome.
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    LI 700 is great. Use it in every tank full. LI 700 and haft rate fungicide cures in one application. To many benefits to name here check it out.
  3. Are you going to charge the customer half-price for the half-rate fertilizer you are applying? You are using SCU for your Nitrogen source so you won't have the rapid lush growth like you would if you used staight Urea or Ammonium Nitrate. I have used basically the same fertilizer program at full rates without any problems with over growth. Or are you planning to only mow bi-weekly?
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    Why haft rate Fungicide??? Because if you mix it with LI 700 you can cure fungus with one apply. Less chemicals to polute the enviroment. Less trips back to treat. less chemical expense. LI 700 acidifies your tank mix lowering pH and high pH can chemically degrade pesticides before they leave the nozzle. also LI 700 turns contacts into systemics to some extend. LI 700 is worth checking out.
  5. Ric, you're saying half-rate Fungicide, correct? Who makes the LI 700 acidifier you are talking about? It sounds like something I may look into. I'm just not following the half-rate on the fertilizers. The slow release nitrogen fertlizers that I have used haven't caused the heavy growth seen with regular Nitrogen sources, which can cause disease problems. But maybe a program with 4 fertlizer apps at full rate maybe better than a 5 step with 4 steps at half-rate.
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    Lesco. That simple.;)
  7. Why Half rate

    Most of the lawns I do now are well fed, they don't need any more Nitro than what they have.

    Also App #6 will give the spring green up when app #1 is applied

    I am trying to keep from X2 cutting lawns if i can get away with it.

    That's also why I am trying to spread out the fert accross 9-10 months.

    Do they realy need it in 3 apps?
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    LI 700 Surfactant, penetrant, and acidifier is product by Loveland Industries and should be available through most chemical suppliers.

    Most experts agree that fertilizer should be applied lightly and frequantly. Golf courses apply .10 lb/M of N but do so weekly. Slow release was developed to apply fertilizer in small amounts over a long period of time. SCU no matter who makes it will only release 80% of total N. The remaining N will release in about Two years. Appling haft rates (assuming 1 lb/M is full rate) but applying it more frequantly is just another way of making the most of your fertilizer program. Light and frequant will reduce leaching so more fertilizer can be utilized by the plant. Response is all so controled by to elimate boom and bust. Fertilizing is considered a culture practise just like cutting and irrigation. As turf managers we use these cultural practises to manage our turf.
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    I see no mention of IPM. Are you going to treat every lawn for crabgrass and nutsedge? Are you spraying the whole yard or spot spraying? The longer I do this the more I realize that golf courses create there own problems and spend boocoo bucks to solve them. 2cents
  10. Did ya see the, I don't want to be lawn steroids LCO part.

    I will only give the lawns what they need not pump them full of chem and the problems with that.

    crab grass and nutsage only when needed, although pre emergant in the spring.

    Merrt mach 2 dylox

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