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    Yup saw that. Are you spreading and spaying at the same time? ie fancy machine. Like for no 1. or do you do the seperate.
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    since we live in diff. areas, this may not apply. Here its Bluegrass, so my (old) program was..
    Spring App... Fert w/ iron
    Dursban(surface rate) told ya it was old

    Early summer app....Fert w/iron
    Barricade(1/2 rate app)
    weed control as needed(trimec)
    Summer app.... Fert w/iron- slow release N
    weed control as needed and as weather spray....

    Fall app.... Fert w/ iron

    Grub control in late July....Merit...used Triumph as a curative.
    Late Fall fert. late Oct. or Nov.

    For Fert. went with the 1lb./1000 N, about 1/4lb. potassium and potash. Good source of info for me was Iowa State Agronomy Dept. Lotta help for commercial lawn care owners.. just my 2cents worth.
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    Fancy machine= Z-Spray.

    Live2ride: since it's a money orented BIZ, I need to spread out the apps. It could be done in 3 to 4 apps but gota make some more money out of it.
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    Messages: 20's another 2 cents worth... gotta agree with DavisTLC. Why 1/2 rates with sulphur coated urea. It will also be 1/2 rate of potassium and potash. Give the customer what they pay for.... A good program with Integrated Pest Control Managment will yield you more profits with less call backs. It also results in less pesticides. Here, we get too many apps of fert, let alone weed herbicides, and the lawns get stressed. (salt index of 2-4d and mccp gets hi with to many apps.).
    Also, put in the trimec in fall when dandies are just starting, then won't have the problem in spring.(no need for 2 apps of trimec, just treat as needed. plus, why the msma in fall??
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