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How's Your Site Doing - A Self Audit


Cleveland, Ohio
1. Am I indexed? Index is a term which means that your webpage has been visited by a search engine crawler bot and a copy of that page is now in the search engine's database. Being in their database is called indexed.

If you are not indexed.. you cannot be found in search results. In Google or Yahoo! here's how to check. Go and type in the search box;



This will return all pages indexed by the search engine. If your site is not returned - submit it. Just seach for 'add url google' to get the link.

here are the results for lawnsite, and may I say 202k - Wow!, http://www.google.com/search?source...GLJ:2006-38,GGLJ:en&q=site:www.lawnsite.com++

2. examine last cache date of homepage. In the results see the link 'cache' this is the stored copy of your page. Examining the cache date is a good indication of how well liked your page is. Very old cache dates = bad, very new cache dates = good.
For lawnsite it's only one day old - excellent. Generally you want to see newer cache dates. If its 2 or 3 weeks old, that's very good. Only get concerned if you see dates which are over about 8 weeks old. That's a sign that the search engine doesn't feel your site is worth visiting often. Sorry, but that's the cold had truth. Change this by getting links to your site, links from quality on topic sites are best.

3. Examine pages indexed. Using site:mydomain.com search syntax again, look too to the number of indexed pages. Is every page on your website indexed? If not, you need to figure out why.

4. search in Google for your site by service name plus city. This is a test to see if results are even shown. This search ONLY searches your site and if Google can't find your prase here, you need to know. Often, only very easy content changes and page additions can make a world of difference. First, search for your site to see what's returning.

Here's the syntax: [keyword phrase] site:mydomain.com
example: landscaping forum site:www.lawnsite.com
here's the search link to see the syntax properly

This returns over 6000 pages. Now do this for your site with your terms. Such as landscaping and your major city. If you're not returned - you need to know. Often sites will have critical information such as location/contact info within an image that search engines cannot see. So this test helps you see what can be returned.


There's so much more to this, but these are the basics and the biggies. You got to first get indexed for what you want before moving on to seeing how to improve your standings.

Questions, please post here and we can look at your sites and talk about suggestions and other ways to make them better.