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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Larry1, Mar 30, 2006.

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    I just received my new HP (20 Kohler). Question on the fuel tanks. The manual says to turn the valves at the base of the tanks to switch them over manually but there are no valves. I went back to the dealer and he was perplexed as well. We checked and none of the new HP's have the valves. Someone in the shop said that the new tanks don't have to be switched but they automatically balance out as fuel is used (some type of new valve system). Is it time to update the manual or is he blowing smoke?

    I currently have gasoline in one tank only and it doesn't't flow into the other tank like I would think that it would if they were connected. I use the HP for personal use and don't go through that much gas so I would like to continue with the one tank to keep the gas fresh, is that a problem? If not can I switch tanks to the one with the fuel gauge on it? Lots of questions sorry. I'm not a real gear head, I just like to mow my own lawn. Thanks for a great machine.
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    Hello Larry1,

    He is correct, there is no longer a tank selector valve on the Lazer HP's. Somehow our manual people overlooked this and didn't get it updated in the operator's manual.

    There are check valves on the lines coming out from each tank. They are there for the same reason that we originally had a fuel selector valve, to prevent fuel from flowing from one tank to the other. The concern is that if you are on a side hill, that the lower tank could/would overfill if connected to the tank on the upside of the hill.

    What the dealer meant about automatically balancing out is that if you have 3 gallons in one tank, and two in the other, the machine will tend to draw from the side with the most fuel due to head pressure. At some point, whether right at 2 gallons (probably not) or at a gallon and a half, the tanks will even out.

    Just out of concern for condensation, I'd recommend keeping fuel in both tanks, and not just using the one with the fuel gauge. If you put say 2 gallons in each side, the fuel gauge will give you the approximate supply of both tanks, since they will tend to draw down evenly.

    As a service guy myself, it's good to hear that 'the guy in the shop' was the man in the know. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us again.


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    Thanks for the help. But don't get me wrong about the sales staff, they were very knowledgeable and helpful. But your right, you can't beat the guy in the shop. He's the one you want somewhere in the family line along with a doctor and a lawyer.

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