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HP or CT or Jazzer?

Lawn Enforcer

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It's becoming the time to get a new mower. I have a dilema. I could buy either one of these great mowers. A Jazzer (Schweiss) Terra-Pro 51" w/ a 19 Honda. The thing is built like a tank, and someone thought very long about the design of it, smartly designed. All that for about $6,000. Then, I have Exmark. I am waiting for some price quotes from my dealer on these two models. Lazer Z CT w/ a 18 BVG w/ a 48" deck w/ mulch kit and a Lazer Z HP w/ a 50" deck w/ a 19 KAW w/ a mulch kit. Lazer Z CT owners, do you like your mowers? Do you have any complaints about them? HP owners, do you love your mowers? I want to make the right descision on the mower. All your help is appreciated!


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Of the mowers you listed I would choose the hp hands down without a second thought.


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take a look at Ferris.... I have the eXmark ad series 52" and I wish I had seen the ferris before I purchased..... the Exmark is a wonderfull machine... but Ferris has shocks on it and it's a much nicer ride....


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Western KY
Unless they are from Minnesota, you probably won't get a lot of comments on the Jazzer. It is built in south central MN (Jackson). They are well built. I looked at them at some shows. There was a lot of thought that went into the making of this. This is a much heavier machine that either of the Exmarks. A lot of it will come down to the dealer support and to what you want to do with the mower. I think you would be okay going either way.