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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Markf, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Markf

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    I do not want to start a thread on which brand name tractor to buy.

    The scenario is as follows:

    We are a fledgling landscape company. Just my son and I and one part time employee. What we have in mind is to use the tractor to move mulch around established properties. This year, I foresee several landscape tear outs and installs. There MAY be one retaining wall and/or paver job. There may be some light trenching work. No more than 2 foot in depth.

    I wish to ask the following:
    1. Reasonable hp for the applications.
    2. Will turf tires do the job?
    3. Do we stick with construction tires?
    4. Do we have a set one type or the other on rims ready to go depending on the job?

    In advance, thank you for your suggestions.

  2. dgZtrak737

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    Hello Mark
    I too am looking for a compact tractor for those applications as well, mabey as another mowing machine too, as I live in a rual area with bigger lawns no gates to worry about. I had one (and sold it like an idiot) it had ag tires, and would scuff turf up, especially in 4wd. My thoughts are the R4 (construction) tires. Everyone that I have talked to says they wont damage turf, and provide great traction for loader work. I personally wouldnt worry with the turf tires. As far as hp, I want about a 28 - 30hp range. I think one that size will be easy to transport, and get around with. I hope my comments were helpfull
  3. AceFinish

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    I would say as far as horsepower goes 25-40 just to be safe on the tear out jobs. I would go with regular tractor tires just for the tear out factor because you can tear up turf tires pretty easy doing construction type work with them. If you are on grass with those tiress just make one path in and on path out and you will be fine unless the grass is soaking wet.
  4. hosejockey2002

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    R4 tires are the way to go IMHO. I would not get too hung up on engine horsepower, as some lower HP tractors may be heavier, bigger and have higher loader and backhoe capacities than other higher HP tractors. High HP is most important if running a mower or other PTO implements. My tractor has only 21 HP but for construction and landscaping type work it outperforms several other smaller, lighter but more powerful tractors.
  5. Markf

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    Do the R4's tear up a dry average established lawn? What about the imprints in the lawn when you drive across to get to the site where you need to dig?

  6. Mac B.

    Mac B. LawnSite Member
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    I have the R4's on my Kubota B2710 and they are great. I have the 60" mid mower on it and do alot of mowing with no turf damage. This tractor came from Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte,NC and is what they mowed the infield with so I don't think turf damage would be a problem. They also pull and hookup pretty good with my box blade or pulling with a chain.

  7. lawn king

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    R'4s will be better for landscape construction but turfs will serve you better, as you will use the tractor for more and more as the business grows, mowing, snow management,etc. As far as hp goes i would look in the range of 25 to 30 and a hydraulic flow of at least 9 gpm.
  8. Markf

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    My son and I went to see and test drive the tractor. It is a NH TC 29DA with 62 hours. It has a loader and a backhoe and R4 tires. We drove it on some muddy not well established grass with no ill effects to the grass. Therefore, I feel that in 2WD a well established lawn will not be ruined if it is dry. The asking is $18,900. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate any specs on the machine on the internet.

  9. AceFinish

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    Call the local dealer or one that is somewhat near you and they can fax or email them to you.
  10. dgZtrak737

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    I would just like to know more about your tractor if you dont mind. Its a Kioti right? What size, model,price if you dont mind. Does it have a backhoe attachement. I am looking for one and would like to hear your thoughts on yours.

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