hp52 Kaw or Kohler...and break in?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by GarPA, Mar 8, 2002.

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    "Mr Exmark".. BTW thanks 65Hoss for pointing me to this forum instead of the Comml Lawncare forum...dahhh

    Have placed order for hp52 w/23Kaw...in reading one of your other responses I get the feeling that the Kohler has a better air cleaning system?? I get the sense that the 23Kaw requires more changing of the airfilter...I dont like that idea...frankly I dont know alot about these commercial mowers and dont care which engine...either seems to have plenty of power...my accounts are mostly well cared for 1/2 to 1 acre residentials and small commercial. I can easily change my order...so Mr Exmark which engine should I go with...somewhere I read more than once that the Kaw is the better engine??

    Also, please tell me the Ten Commandments of breaking it in...yes I will read the manual of course but often there are other 'tips' that really matter from people with actual experience...thanks very much
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    First thanks Hoss, the more people we get involved in Lawnsite the better it is for all members. Second, I'm not Mr. Exmark but I'll try my best.

    First the Kohler and Kawasaki are about equal right now. One sells better in one region and the other will sell better in another region. Right now the two engines are about equal. In your particular area the Kawasaki sells better. The main reason you'll see this in these larger engines is distributor support after the sale. Your dealer is going to push the one that is supported best after the sale by the Kohler or Kawasaki distributor. In your region it looks like Kawasaki may have an edge in the area of distributor support. This too can change however. When comparing the 23 hp engines there is no wrong decision. It really comes down to support after the sale and your preference. Some people like Chevy some like Ford; it's really about choice.

    As far as the filters go. Kohler has a big advantage. The Kohler canister air filter is simply better. Kawasaki's filter is extremely good for the type of filter that it has. Kawasaki has announced however that they will offer a canister air filter sometime between now and fall. When it will be available and how much it will cost is at this time unknown. Rest assured if my dealer recommended brand X that is what I would buy. Base your decision on the opinion of someone whose primary responsibility is keeping you up and running when youÂ’re down.

    Thank you


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