HPS Spreader/G-C Spreader Mate/ Lesco Fertilizer FS

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by NLS1, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. NLS1

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    Solo operator so these have seen very little use.

    Selling my HPS spreader- two seasons of use, only 15 yards each season, low hours.
    Has a new spinner drive assembly that was under warranty this last season.
    New hopper close off cable under warranty last year as well. 75hours of use maybe 100 tops very nice condition. Works perfect. Comes with cover too.

    Greggson Clark Spreader Mate with folding booms and truck charger. Looks just like the picture, except black arms instead of red. Haven't taken pictures of the sprayer but will try to soon.
    One season, 15 yards, two apps each, maybe 15 hours total. Does about 4-5 acres per charge, awesome tool, very easy to calibrate, very consistent and good results. Only used Momentum through it.

    Both together $1750, and if you buy both I will give you my new small battery charger for the sprayer as well.

    Both work perfectly, not doing apps anymore, subbing out.

    I also have about 15 or 20 unopened bags of Lesco 32-0-10 fert inside my shed, and a couple bags of Dimension. All should be in perfect dry condition, been inside since I bought them.
    $18/ bag.

    Any shipping costs would be paid for and figured out by you if you need it shipped. Cash or cashiers checks only, I don't do Paypal or anything since I am not a dealer or ebay guy.

    Feel free to call or reply or PM me. 763-607-7270 Thanks for looking-Dan:waving:




  2. grassman177

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    hope you sell it, nice unit in good condition.
  3. NLS1

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  4. Jimslawncareservice

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    Are you available to look at them next sunday? I have to come up there to look at a mower.
  5. NLS1

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    You bet just give a jingle and we can take some time then- Dan
  6. NLS1

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    Bumpity, bump, bump!Thumbs Up
  7. NLS1

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    To the top for the evening rush!
  8. NLS1

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    Still here, great condition, anyone else interested?
  9. grenskpr

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    Would you be interested in a little road trip, South?

  10. NLS1

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    Thanks everyone, all of it is sold!:waving:

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