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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by HPSInc, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. LawnMan19

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    Glad everything is going good for ya, and the truck is coming out pretty good also.
  2. cutsmartlawncare1

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    for all those mulch jobs how much do you get it per yrd? And how do you charge them like $65-70 per yard for delivery and install? (I'm new so take it easy on me if you think this is a dumb question)
  3. HPSInc

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    I paid $32 for black enhanced mulch with no tax. I ended up only using 58 yards and sold 3 at the end to a homeowner and dumped it in his driveway. I did 61 yards for $6600 + tax. It was just a shade under $7200 total. I charged an additional $800 + tax because I had to deal with pruning some shrubs, weeding, and fixing a couple beds before being able to mulch. They agreed to pay whatever I felt fair for doing this work and they could SEE how much I did so they werre happy. I dont think the utility boxes had been trimmed in years. so that was my bid, and you better be good at estimating if you going to bid stuff thats big. I was thinking more like 40 yards but was under on that estimate. Another bidder, the cheapest in the bunch was estimating around 80 yards. I think we both need our heads examined. Either way I still cleared around $4500 all said and done and I was the middle bidder. One guy at 7200 + tax and another at 6100 + tax. I was 6600 + tax like I said. If you do the math youll see what I got per yard. On small jobs I stick with 80 per yard laid where i know i'll need 2 or 3 or 4 yards and can shoot a price to a homeowner.
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  4. grasseaters

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    I got a 36" V Ride this year and I love it! Probably going to replace the 48" W/B next year with another v ride
  5. HPSInc

    HPSInc LawnSite Senior Member
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    yea i love the vrides i cant wait til i can buy more!!
  6. The Grounds Crew

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    I love watching the growth of your company through this thread. Any pictures of that large complex? I love the Scags. How do you like the V-rides. Do they turn well without rutting? I think you should paint the truck ad bed and it will look pretty much new.
  7. HPSInc

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    i was so much involved in the work im amazed i even stopped to take these pics! i need to go back and take finished pics. the units are like 4 or 6 homes in 1. there was 88 individual units, utility beds everywhere, trees, trees, and more trees. Plus like I said I had to do some trimming but that was an extra so i was happy to do it. these pics do this place no justice but i was mostly taking pics of the trucks lol. we worked til dark in these pics and this was close to 8pm. we were mulchaholics!

    as for the Vrides I really like them alot. im pretty good on them now so i barely ever tear the turf. only if its wet but if your careful youll be ok. i heard the 36'' was going to rut bad but its all good from what i have seen of it so far and i wouldnt hesitate to buy another.

    Today I started to bondo up the truck. and im painting the grill and light bezels black. its guna look sweeeet!

    Heres my employee doin work in these pics.



  8. The Grounds Crew

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    Truck and trailer looks good! How many yards of mulch did you spread?
  9. HPSInc

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    we did 58 yards. HEAPING yards at that. they really hook you up where I go buy it. Theres wasnt really any big beds to lose alot of mulch so it was a bit tedious but on to the next one!
  10. RLS24

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    looking good man! are you still mostly in the west senneca/cheecktowaga area or are you branching out up north?

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