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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by HPSInc, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Goodwin lawns&Guttering

    Goodwin lawns&Guttering LawnSite Member
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    a nice black gloss coat on those rims would look good, it would match the bed and grill and hood
  2. knox gsl

    knox gsl LawnSite Fanatic
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    Spray the whole thing black. Take it by the old guy who sold it to you and tell him thanks.
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  3. SIWEL

    SIWEL LawnSite Senior Member
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    paint them wheels black, I think it would look a lot better
  4. HPSInc

    HPSInc LawnSite Senior Member
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    i been giving this dump truck more attention than my old lady lately. i think shes going to get jelous if i keep painting stuff on this thing lol

    the rims were white and i didnt put much thought into a color change. i sorta winged the whole thing really without any real plans of what colors i wanted. if they get dirty alot and look like crap i could always paint them. ya think the gray color would look good that i painted the truck i was considering that
  5. HPSInc

    HPSInc LawnSite Senior Member
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    had a big trimming job last week, still have to go back tomorrow to finish. some super tall shrubs so i treated myself to some Stihl combi unit pole trimmers. Didnt have to bust out 1 ladder so that was cool.


    Truck needed new tires so when I was at the tire place I looked through a magazine on the counter and ended up getting some new wheels too.



  6. J Dawg

    J Dawg LawnSite Member
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    I'm diggin' that truck bro! love the pics, keep 'em coming. :clapping:
  7. baseball9074

    baseball9074 LawnSite Member
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    Everything looks amazing. How many yards do you maintain? I'd love to see some more pics of where you are at now.
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  8. HPSInc

    HPSInc LawnSite Senior Member
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    long time no update. Been busy as hell lately like im sure most of you guys are right now, atleast I hope. Just a couple things Ive added to the stash of equipment.

    heres a pic of the lesco leaf loader i scooped up last fall.


    my friend who does all my welding and fabricating. He made a detachable mount to the rear barn door for this to sit on. works like a charm. i dont have any good shots of it, but i will do that next time.


    I bid a retaining wall job last year. they didnt give the go ahead until a few weeks ago. I needed a saw to cut a few blocks and make all the cap cuts. looked on craigslist, couldnt get a hold of anyone. renting seemed like a crap shoot and would have cost a few hundo over the 2 days I needed it. So I just bought this brand new. It worked like a champ. I didnt run the water when cutting caps. I tried but immediately realized it wasnt going to work for me. It was too messy and hard to see my line. I probably went down an inch on the cut wheel all said and done. This pic was taken after I put it to use over 2 days.

  9. jmacd

    jmacd LawnSite Member
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    Everything looks good.
    After reading your last post I think I should warn you to not use water on abrasive wheels. Get a diamond wheel and you can use water.

    Very dangerous to use water on that kind of cutting wheel they can come apart. :nono:
  10. HPSInc

    HPSInc LawnSite Senior Member
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    good to know and it does make sense. i didnt make even 1 cut with water on. the salesman advised i use the hose. said running it dry will suck up dust and could harm it. at the last company i worked for, we ran them dry. heck i dont think those even had a hose hookup on them. anyways, i hooked up the hose and held it over the first block i was going to cut. water everywhere, my line i had marked dissapeared. it took about 3 seconds to make the decision after that point to unhook the water and run it without. it was a piece of cake after that.

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