HR215 SXA Problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dswinnerjr, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I just acquired this mower, I know it is a little old but appears to be used very little. It has not been started in a while so I drained the tank, cleaned the carb, cleaned up the spark plug, put in fresh gas, and tried to fire it up. Fingers crossed thought it would run great but Not!

    So I began trouble shooting - I would pull and pull and pull. Choke on for a while then off. Nothing. Check spark plug for fire - firing fine. Pour gas in cylinder, a small amount of course, put plug back in, pulled - nothing. So I checked the flywheel and amature - rusted very badly. Cleaned with sandpaper, regapped the amature to correct specs - .008 - .010. Same problem - would not crank. Kinda stuck now - don't know if the stop switch, I geuss that's what it is called, is bad or what. Motor just acts like it is not firing. Oh, the carb is getting gas to the bowl. And I did adjust the air-fuel mix screw out 1 1/2 turns out after screwing it in all the way.

    Any suggestions gentlemen?
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    If it's a stop switch, then you wouldn't have spark!
    I have one of the earliest versions of the same mower. I'd just remove the air cleaner to prime, instead of messing with r&r ing the plug to prime.
    If you post the full model & serial#, I think I can point you to an semi- exploded view of the carb.
    I'm getting ready to start my 20th? season, and fortunately haven't had to disassemble the carb yet (knock on wood). I fired it up a couple days ago just to make sure it would. Getting close to the first mow.
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    DON'T clean the armature with anything abrasive. Period.
    The laminations on the armature can be damaged if you do so. There are very thin sheets of mica (brittle) sandwiched in between those plates of steel, and you can chip them, causing a ground (?) situation.

    You CAN clean off the flywheel if you want to, but it's not necessary.
    These things run on a magnetic principal, not contact.
  4. dswinnerjr

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    Just a update, since there were replies to my original question. I cleaned the carburator even better than the first time. The emulsion tube was full of junk. Now its clean and fired right up. With a little adjustment the mower runs great!! Thanks for ya'lls info.

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