HRC216HXA overkill for a homeowner with .25 acre lot?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Pneumothorax, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. DieselMDX

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    just bought the HRX217 and I agree with all the comments, IMO it is all the mower you need
  2. rbljack

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    cant speak for the 217, but I can tell you that ive really enjoyed the 216. Its a caddy for a 21 inch mower. It mulches very well, and bags just as good. Its been a great reliable mower for me, and I think for the homeowner who doesn't mind spending more up front, it will provide years of great services. not only that, for my own small lawn, I find it an absolute joy to use.

    Good luck on your decision, but if you go with either the 216 or 217, I don't think either would be a bad choice.
  3. XYZLawnPros

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    Heavy users of the HRC216HXA honda mowers here. They might be a bit heavier(or a lot if you are not gifted with strength) than the so called "lower end" honda models, or snapper or husqvarna or toro, but the HRC216 will last you 30 years with regular maintenance no matter how many times a week you will cut with it. Of course you will replace parts as well over that time on all models, but in my experiences and opinion with more than fifteen 21" mower manufacturers in america and abroad, honda commercial 21 mowers I would say are by far more resilient to any major parts going south anytime soon after purchase and a long time there after. Just 3 of the 9 HRC216HXA mowers we have, blisteringly blazed past 1500 hours with one of them breaking that milestone just 2 weeks ago. All of those 3 units have had nothing break at all that is major. Only tires and spark plugs and oil, plus blades and safety flap/sorta stripe roller under the back have had to be replaced in that time of 1500 hours. Only 2 units are on their second debris bags. Even the mini hydro whatever drive train oil looked barely broke down when we changed them at 1000 hours. These 3 units are just a couple years old.

    Our company tried the HRX217 models and were very unhappy with them. We had multiple units that just didn't cut right no matter how hard we tried to modify what we saw as hondas engineering defects. That was our experience with them. Went back to the commercial HRC216's and will never look back.

    Next best thing I do like is that I can get any part and even models 30 years or older of the honda commercial 21" mowers delivered to me 1 day airfreight if need be.

    Know how to use your equipment. Treat it well. It will reward you if the product was made to last by the manufacturer.
  4. greendoctor

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    Honda HRC 216 is the main walkbehind mower used by mowing crews here. Rough terrain, narrow gates and passage ways, general difficulty in access, thick grass, no problem. It is even light enough to be carried by two people up or down stairs and hills if needed. I do not think it is too much for a 1/4 acre lot.
  5. Pneumothorax

    Pneumothorax LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm leaning towards the HRC now especially with the last 2 replies. One more question, my tall fescue does much better in the hot 100+ degree F weather here in southern California if I mow around 3.5 to 4 inches. In other words I need a mow with good vacuum when bagging. Does the HRC have more suction than the HRX when bagging?
  6. XYZLawnPros

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    The length of your grass and how it will be cut by any 21" mower has a ton of factors involved. Best case scenario is that you have a decent stand of turf grass. The more thin your lawn is or the more spots you have, in my experiences no lawnmower has the godly ability to have a perfect cut or bagged clippings. If you want the best vacuum, you are going to need the grass to be dense and thick and strong. Understand that when the outsides of the deck are going over the grass, dense grass will always make the most of the suction from the machine you are using. Too much vacuum and you are stressing each blade of grass. Think of it as pulling your hair softly but adequately. Now rip at your hair harshly. That is how the grass feels to.
  7. rlitman

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    Why are you bagging tall fescue. If you have a Honda, mulch.
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  8. BTC

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    I'm a homeowner and have the HRX217HYA. I like it. I'm not sure how much lawn I have to cut. My lot is close to a 1/2 acre, but part of it is wetlands. For personal use, I can't imagine paying $400-$500 more for the HRC unless I was getting a wider cut. Does the HRC have a higher blade speed?
  9. magbarn

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    I believe it's the got the same blade speed. I think what's got me leaning towards the HRC over the HRX is the commercial engine with ball bearings on the crankshaft (why the heck to manufacturers cheap out and use 'bushings' on crankshafts on residential motors!) and double filtration (it get's very dusty here at times during the summer) and it doesn't have stupid belts to fall off given that it has a driveshaft.

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