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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by McCarty'sLawncare, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Hi all I guess I am the new guy around here. :usflag: I recently purchased a new HRC216HXA ofcourse I I read the specs on it. It caught my attention when the owners manual says top speed is 4.2 mph. I recently owned a Snapper Ninja for 599.00 a while back to do commercial work with. It finally laughed at me and said yeah right no more. So ofcourse time for a new mower I was either gonna buy the Exmark 26" until I heard they have maitence issues from dealers. I was told the best 21" commercial is the HRC216HXA and it goes as high as 4 inches in cut. I been hearing Hydro static is better then either belt drive or disk driven if thats what they call it. No offense this thing is slow if I get into thick turf. It slows it down a whole lot Im pretty simple but realized this isnt 4.2 mph. Even cutting at a high cutting height. Also the longer I use it the more it slows down like its trying to catch its breath or something? I had 2 dealers check it out they said they raised the rpm's and looked at the gear box if thats what you call it or whatever controls the speed. Due to me reading I see others have the same problem. I decided to call American Honda they told me and said well drop it off at a dealer we will send someone out to look at it it will be about 4 weeks. I already took it to 2 dealers and they both said the same thing. I'm not sure if I should just take it to a another dealer so American Honda can come out and do their own inspection on it. But I would consider 4.2 mph to be almost jogging with it. Not a comfortable walk.... Dont get me wrong its a great mower but if you do 1 acre yards with it. It would be nice to get what you pay for I am out of options. I would appreciate some advice. Thanks all
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    If it has a belt to the hydro then make sure its adjusted correctly. Also does the rpms lower at the same ratio the unit slows down or is it steady. If the engine rpms lowers then it may be a governor issue. If it stays the same then it would be either the power transfer to the hydro or the hydro itself. You better get a manual for it.
  3. McCarty'sLawncare

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    Hi Khouse thanks for replying no the engine doesnt bog down or the rpm's are not affected when the speed is not stable. I called american Honda and I asked this 4.2 mph is this considered on a yard or on a road. They told me on the turf. A few mechanics from a dealer told me they adjusted the cable to the max
    and I dont notice any difference in the speed.
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    Take the machine and place it against a tree then engage the drive. This machine should dig holes on both wheels....if it isn't then you got a problem. As khouse said check that belt that goes to the hydro for good tension and I would guess hydro oil was checked. This may be a simple hydro failure under use....maybe manuf defect. They keep telling me the hydro is much more reliable than my belt/gear drive on my 7 year old Honda that is still working fine.
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    Looks like you either return the mower or take it to someone that has a tachometer. Also have you checked the belt tension if it has it? I haven't worked on one but I know it's hydrostatic drive. There has to be someting to transfer power from the engine to the hydro ie. belt or shaft. Both? I believe this is the issue area.
  6. Restrorob

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    If you don't have a owner's manual here is a copy;

    Go to "Servicing your lawn mower" and it gives the drive adjustment procedure in great detail, That is where I would start if the RPM's have been set properly.

    Oh....Welcome to LawnSite.

    This unit is shaft drive with a variable speed hydrostatic transmission Not a fluid filled hydro unit as you all know it. I remember a issue with tires spinning on the rims also.
  7. McCarty'sLawncare

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    Hey all thanks for the quick replies yeah to be honnest this machine doesnt even have 30 hrs on it. American Honda actually said the transmission is actually sealed. Which is kinda difficult to understand why? But thanks for that link I'll check it out
  8. Restrorob

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    They call it a sealed unit because there is no maintenance required, It's filled with a special type grease from the factory and is supposed to be good to go for the life of the transmission.
  9. McCarty'sLawncare

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    This might seem like a dumb question but how can you tell if its a shaft or belt on this mower? If so, where would it be located? I looked in the owners manual as far as I know it doesnt provide me with that info.
  10. Restrorob

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    There should be a hump in the rear of the deck running from the engine to the rear wheel area. The shaft would be under that hump.

    HRC216HXA Features & Benefits

    Honda Commercial-Grade, GX Series OHV engine
    Self-Propelled, Infinitely Variable Hydrostatic Transmission
    Shaft Drive
    Roto-StopĀ® blade brake clutch (BBC) - Stops Blade - Not Engine
    Rugged 21" steel mowing deck with reinforced engine bed
    Rear bagger/mulcher equipped with MicroCut twin blades
    9" Xenoy Wheels(Ball Bearings in all wheels)
    Protective Deck Edge Guards
    Front Bumper/Tie Down Standard
    Heavy-Duty Reinforced Handles with Support Brackets
    Large Capacity Fuel Tank
    Large, 2.4 bushel easy-empty grass bag
    8 Mowing heights
    2-year Residential Warranty
    1 Year Commercial Warranty

    Ran across this also; Ground Speed (mph) 1.8 TO 4.0

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