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    Honda has made a radical change from the HRC216K1HXA to this current K3 variant.

    Many of the "issues" with this mower might be give and take, as the switch from the K0 to the K1 mower lost some quality but gained other areas.

    The most troubling issue from the HRC216K3HXA is the twin blade mulching. There is a twin blade kit offered for the K1 mowers but you loose pickup and RPM's on the mower.

    How does this HRC216K3HXA work in wet grass? The K1 mower works pretty well in wet grass or leaves.

    Does the new handle mounted starter cord get hung on branches or debris?

    Are there any real alternatives to the HRC216 series of mowers?

    Previously the HRC216K1 series of mowers was among if not the best 21" mower available at any price.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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