HRX217K2VKA honda for 600 new

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SfTD_service_CENTER, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. SfTD_service_CENTER

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    is that a good deal on a new one??? they retail for 700 i wasnt sure if they were selling for real cheap.

    these any good or should i just buy a better model? i am buying one of these and a new metro 26

    anyone with either of these mowers let me know what you think about them! i am using the metro for short steep hills and gated yards in hilly terrain areas where you can only use a push mower. the honda is just to have another regular mower.
  2. kaferhaus

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    That is a high end residential mower that lacks the shaft drive, bumper, 9"wheels, larger gas tank, commercial engine and better air filter that comes on the commercial mower.

    HD sells them for $600 on sale so I guess the dealer is just "matching" HD's sale price. Likely a factory incentive.

    I'd say it's a good walk behind, but not on par with the commercial mower by a long shot
  3. SfTD_service_CENTER

    SfTD_service_CENTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    i was confused at first as i thought this was the commercial model but i was wrong

    HRC216K3PDA is the comercial models and they look nice

    i like the hrx the way it will mulch and bag do the comercial mowers do that too ?
  4. Roger

    Roger LawnSite Fanatic
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    I bought a HRX217K2HXA, not the VKA model of which you speak. The HXA is Cruise Control on the ground drive, whereas the VKA is Smart Drive (with thumb controls). There are posts on LS that speak negatively on the Smart Drive system for heavy use.

    The HXA model is a bit more expensive, but I am hoping the hydrostatic ground drive system is more reliable and has greater longevity.

    I bought mine before the mowing season started. It gets heavy use, and by now has at least 250 hours. Many days it sees more than six hours of use, sometimes eight. So far, all is well. I had to make one minor adjustment to the ground drive cable after it had about 100 hours, but it remains solid after that adjustment.

    So far, I am very pleased with the choice. It bags very well, and leaves a good cut. I've found that it can mulch clippings in many places where my LawnBoy or Toro would not work satisfactorily. Now, we often run the Honda HRX along side my Toro Proline 21", and the Honda is clearly the better mower (despite being a high-end consumer model, whereas the Toro is a commercial machine). The cut is better, and it clearly bags much better. Handling the bags off the Honda is easier and quicker than the Toro.

    I wrote a review, and then a follow up: (read the initial post, and follow the thread down to a second review after more use)
  5. Pool Boy

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    I just bought the same model that Roger has. I paid $700 for it at an independent dealer and got the extra 4th year warranty free. He said a lot of commercial guys buy this on because of the speed of the cruise control. This dealer's price was better than Home Depot's for the smart drive model-$30 less. This mower is just for my home use.
  6. SfTD_service_CENTER

    SfTD_service_CENTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks for the info ! i will look into those models. i dont push mow enough to put more than a couple hundred hours a year on one so i think it might be a good buy. i like my snapper for ease of use but it is a push with no drive and i am getting tired of pushing all of the hills off! plus it is a few years old and it is showing its use. i really wish i could buy a 26 inch like the metro that was reliable! i am really thinking about doing that too! i am solo so being able to push mow alot faster would be so great!
  7. Heintooga

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    I got the HRC216K3PDA and have mulched four lawns with it, so far. At 100lbs it's a beast but the wheels are great. From the limited experience I've had with it I wouldn't trade the Snapper for it. Save a few $ and get another Snapper.

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