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    ive only run hydro's and really dont know much about the GST's. ive been looking at a newer tractor and have been watching prices online, ebay, local listings, etc. unfortunately, nearly all of them have been GST's and i really wanted a hydro. my understanding is the newer GST's are not simply an old style gear drive with a clutch. i know i can go into a dealer and look into it, but the guys that truely use them can be the best advice givers. my biggest question is are they as efficent as a hydro. if not, are they much slower. should i consider one, or hold out for the hydro. thanks Mark
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    I have never ran a GST on a job.
    The HST in my opinion is a better solution for Landscaping.It has infinite forward and reverse speeds while the GST will still be limited to gear ratios and it occupies one of your hands.
    Kind of hard to steer,work the rear lift and the GST at the same time.
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    My dad bought an L4330 with the GST a couple of years ago. When we test drove it I had never ran a hydro and neither one of us liked it on the test drive. We both really liked the GST, which is what he bought and he likes it. After that, though, I rented a B21 with a hydro, and IMO that is the only way to go. My CK20 is a hydro and I would not have anything else. The GST is much better than a standard gear drive, but not as fast as a hydro for the type of work we do. I probably haven't given you much helpful info, but if you have had hydros before and like them, get another one.

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