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    Where do you guys buy your mower parts. I need hubs and bearings for a Ferris ZTR. Last time I changed a hub was on a husky a few yrs back. Couldnt get the pully off with out damaging it no matter what I tried. Had to cut it off. Any tips/tricks. Had a gear puller, but pully was bending. :cry:
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    Shame on you for not supporting your local dealer.
    Get parts whereever you want, it's not the same as having a dealer who can help you put them on.

    That said, If you are changing the whole hub, why not just spend the extra dollars and get a pulley, too?
    Then you can get the old pulley off at your leisure, without having to worry if you need to go out and buy more parts. You also could use a backup part on the shelf/truck.

    Support the hub of the pulley in a vise/press - put the old nut back on - pound the hell out of the shaft to drive it through the pulley. (Kinda kills the shaft, though.)
    Don't pull on a pulley with a jaw-type puller - it ruins them (as you found out).

    EDIT - Oh yeah...Use anti-sieze on the shaft when putting on the new pulley.
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  4. mybowtie

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    I did support my dealer...purchased the mower there...But im wrong when I try to save some money?? Im sure you purshase ALL of your Oil/filters/parts for your cars,trucks, and other equipment from the dealer you got them from.
    Did you ever go to a auto parts store?? Shame on you if you did...

    Thanks for the tips though. :drinkup:

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