Hudson, WI - Four Mowers & 20ft Trailer For Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by skorum03, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. skorum03

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    I have some equipment I would like to sell, possibly as a package to someone who may be looking to add a second mowing crew or get in to the business. Testing the market to see what someone would be willing to offer for all of the below as a package.


    1) John Deere Z920M 54" Deck with 60" front mount dethatcher and 18 bushel dump from seat bagger. Currently has just under 500 hours

    2) John Deere 652M Stand Up Mower - about 150 hours

    3) Exmark Turf Tracer - Older, hours unknown, has been well maintained and runs and cuts well for it's age. 52" deck.

    4) Toro Commercial 30" push mower with bagger.

    20ft long, I think about 7ft wide. All new wheels and tires. Trailer was homemade does not have breaks but is very heavy duty.

  2. ETM

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    I will take it all for the price listed above
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  3. Mark Stark

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    I'm willing to pay double the listed price!
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  4. MNLawns

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    I may be interested if you are willing to sell the accounts with the equip, i'm 30mins from Hudson, if there is enough work for a 2 man crew to spend a whole day in that area. do you have a CL listing?

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