huge grubs inside tree

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    about 2 years ago, we cut down an old oak tree that was dying rapidly, and in danger of falling into the house. after debranching it, we began to cut the runk down.

    inside the trunk, was not wood, but dirt. within the dirt were huge white grubs. the size of these grubs was about 4 inches long, and at least an inch and a half around. with what litle bit of the trunk was whole, id guess the tree was from 100-125 years old.

    what might these grubs have been? or what would they have become? im asking because
    i have reason to believe that the other oak tree on this persons property may have the same problem. it isnt in the pitiful shape the other tree was, but im noticing it beginning to decline in health slowly.

    thanks, kevin
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    Fish Bait:D
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