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    What exactly is the point in figuring out your numbers if you just throw them in the trash everytime you get an opportunity to bid a huge property?

    If you charge $100/hr and it’ll take 8 hours, including drive time, that’s $800 that day.

    Likewise, if your route has 6 lawns that takes you 8 hours, including drive time, that’s $800 that day.

    Same rate, just more effecient only having 1 stop instead of 6, which means you’ll accomplish more actual work in a day servicing 1 property than you would 6 but at the end of the day you make the same amount.

    Regardless, it’s your biz, you know what you need and what you want, so do what you need/want to do. I don’t drop my rates, if I don’t win every bid, no problem. There will always be someone willing to do it cheaper.
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    Thank you very much... I was figuring around $800 so that helps a ton!

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