Huge mulch bed from SCRATCH. Price help



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Thanks for all the input guys, some parts are below the driveway so can just round up it but most is above driveway grade so requires mechanical removal. I’m not sure why but the ground is so soft there and I checked several areas for presence of roots and there were none. As far are removing the sod it really won’t take long, maybe 8hrs for me. Priced it @ $2800 for sod removal and laying 6yds. Me and one guy can do it in 16 man hours
Accidentally posted that too soon

the quote also includes some edging on their other beds and mulch too. Whole project can be done in 2 days with $800 in materials. I’m feeling good about it, kicking the season off right.
I work 40hrs for another guy and do my own thing on the side so a couple afternoons and a Saturday for extra dough I’ll take it!

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