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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tthomass, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. tthomass

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    So, I measured off a place today at about 160,000 sqaure feet. Crap soil and rocks etc.......nasty clay. Now I've done installs of about 3 acres with companies I've workd for so this is big but nothing I can't handle............its just process.

    But.............honestly, it needs topsoil over all of it which is a huge order itself. I can grade and clean this place in a couple days with a T190 and rock hound etc.........I'd say there is a good 60,000 square feet that really I would just hydro seed even though they said sod I'm going to throw that idea at them.

    Jobs this big I know a lot of companies don't do the proper things such as topsoil so I'm going to give a price with and without. I'll be renting a 5ton capacity International dump for my guy to haul off rocks to the dump while I clean the place.

    I usually charge $1 per square foot so thats at $160,000 (sod included) + a good $4,000 in rentals + topsoil.

    I'm not sure what I'm really asking here other than those who have experience with large sod installs how you may price differently and anything you've run into. Again, this isn't something I can't handle but it will be the largest job I've done as a business owner vs employee. And manpower I will hire on for the job. I want a solid 5 guys for laying sod. Irrigation piping is run but no heads installed.
  2. Dirty Water

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    Trust me, when you give them the $160k number, they will go with hydroseed. 160k ft of topsoil is going to push the price towards $200k.

    And then don't forget irrigation. Nobody wants to spend more than a small houses cost and then have the yard die on them. If you don't do it, sub it to someone who does. Anyone who has that kind of money can afford the $10k or so a irrigation system that size will cost.
  3. tthomass

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    from N. VA
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    The irrigation is there, the heads are not........just the black pipe sticking up as they are waiting for the sod to go down.

    I'm not the first company to bid on this and they're aware of the price for such a project.

    Yes you're right, its a solid $200,000 job and of course I'm sure there will be the haggling that we all deal with. This job would make a nice 3-4 week project and a helluva good start on winter approaching.
  4. Dirty Water

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    Be carefull not to rip the swing tails out with your rock hound, or you'll have a real pissed off irrigation guy.

    Why did they turn down the other bids? Sounds like you might get a royal PITA.
  5. kemmer

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    make sure u get a sod laying attachment for your skid, and get the large rolls, we had one of our local soccer fields sodded after construction, did a nice job.
  6. tthomass

    tthomass LawnSite Gold Member
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    I've never dealt with the large rolls even on big jobs at the companies I've worked for. I don't even think that the rental places have the attachments...........well one comes to mind but they'd be my only shot because I've never seen them anywhere else.

    I'm a good operator, the irrigation will be safe........the soil and rocks won't.

    They are taking bids.........I do believe some have been turned down but they were the huge companies with much more overhead than I have and inflated prices galore.

    I want the job so I can but a good desiel dump..........Chevy 4500+, thats what I've got my eye on and I'm taking the guys deep sea fishing if we land it. Had a meeting with them and it went very well.........I'm still optimistic and a proposal has yet to be delivered but I'm looking forward to the oportunity of a big job since going on my own.
  7. tthomass

    tthomass LawnSite Gold Member
    from N. VA
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    what sod farm did you use for the rolls.............what did they cost? cost of the rental too? thanks man!
  8. Bigred350

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    I would ask the sod farm if they have a attacment for a skid steer to but the big rolls out. Some do some dont.
  9. GreenMonster

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    Hell, I would ask the sod farm if they will roll it out for you. Around here, they roll it for .03 ft2. If you get a good operator, it's money well spent in my opinion. A good operator should be able to roll all that out in a couple days max, if the conditions are relatively flat.

    If they can't or don't offer unrolling service, have a roller attachment fabbed to go on the forks of a CTL.
  10. YardPro

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    i second the subbing out the laying.

    here the sod farm would install for about $0.27/sqft. (here everyone uses sq yards) or $2.50/sqyd. We would add .05/sqft, and make $8k and do nothing.

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