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    Ok guys, I did a search and didn't really find the anwser to what I was looking for. The subject was touched on but only in passing on a discusion on organics.

    I am looking this up for the guy that bought my LC biz, he isn't really computer compatible right now. I told him that I would ask on LS for him and print out the results.

    Have you guys used humates for decreased water consumption?

    What were the results?

    Would you use them again?

    Customers reaction to the use?

    The advertizement that he was given states that water consumption decreases by 35% to 50% depending.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Never heard of product, some sort of organic concentrate I gather? Might be good for soil but IMO not affecting water consumption, price of product would be better spent on water for lawn
  3. Are you talking about a soil amendment?

    It looks like kitty litter, but absorbs water when in the soil and holds it.

    It is rather costly, I think it was $17 for a 50 pound bag when I bought some for my lawn. Must be used in high quantities, but I added it every time I aerate.

    I think the figure is something like 8 tons an acre.
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    Yes you add it to the soil, and it is supposed to hold the water, and not let it drain away so quick. The guy that told him about it says he tried it and it really worked. Takes about 2 weeks to see any difference, but after that it kicks in. Cut water comsumtion for some of his customers from every day to every three days. There is getting to be more talk about this sort of product with the droughts that are going on.

    I was just looking for more feed back for the guy that bought my stuff.

    LGF he was able to find it by the pallet for $9 a bag, instead of the $15 per bag buying it by the single bag.
  5. Correct info;

    Gurface MVP $7 a 50# bag.

    Proleauge $8 a 50# bag.

    Calls for 1,500 pounds per 1000 sq/ft -----33 tons an acre.

    I was told not to add more than 100#M each time.

    And best way to integrate into the soil is aeration.

    Results will take years, but well worth it.
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    We have two companies that sell a product you are talking about.
    1. Lesco - called Lesco wet (I think)
    2. Turf Specialties - Tricure

    We use either product before the warm temps of the summer to help reduce the amount of watering times and days. The key is to use this product before the grass becomes heat stressed. Works very well.
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    Wow, that would could about $10,000 per acre just for the materials at the application rate and prices LGF posted.

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