Humboldt bagger questions?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shady Brook, Jun 18, 2006.

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    I just purchased a Humboldt bagger for my new Super Z. Seems very heavy duty. I put it on the mower last night, and found the directions to be somewhat lacking. On the mower weights that sit on the tires, there are two lag bolts on each. Are you supposed to do anything with these, or are they just to flop around in there? I am not sure they really help keep the weights on in their current position.

    I had to bore out the large half inch washer/spacers to one have inch as they were more like 15/64" Not a big deal, but what if I guy did not have a half inch bit?

    I notice when I engage the blades there is a delayed screech, or chirp that comes from the direction of the spindle blower? Is this common, or a concern with a new unit?

    When I pulled off my spindle pulley and put on the double. When I went to reinstall the washer and bolt that holds the spindle pulley on, the washer was too large. It would not fit down the inside of the pulley to bolt on. Thankfully I had some washers that did fit inside and were large enough to cover the shaft and key. Kind of disappointed in some of the detail things.

    I found the instructions on installing the blower mystifying. It said to take the six slotted bolts off of the housing to remove a part to mount it on the mower, and then to reinstall. I could not find even six such bolts, and the unit appeared to be completely assembled for mounting. I installed it how it looked, and it operated nicely. Very strange.

    So amongst my comments if anyone has info on those questions I would appreciate it.

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    I have had great customer support from Humbolt Manufacturing.

    Maybe you got parts that don't belong on your application.

    There was no fabrication required when I installed mine on my Hustler Z about 3 years ago.

    The weights sit over the front castors. There should be a dog bone type spacer included that fits under the weight where it rides on top of the frame.

    It is easy to install. Make sure the holes line up for the U bolts.

    My kit included 2 U bolts. One for each side. They are suppose to install from the bottom up, and secured with washers and wing nuts on top.

    They are secured strudy and do not flop around.

    When I bought mine, [3 bagger] it came with the same weights and blower that the Bac Vac [Hustler's other type bagger] had. I purchased the 3 bagger from my Hustler dealer.
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    Hey, thanks for your contribution! You have likely written the most about this bagger over the years, and your comments were very valuable to me in making this purchase. I do not want to convey that I am not happy with the bagger as it appears to be built like a tank, very easy to remove and easy to store. I like the design much better then the other Triple baggers on the market if for nothing more then how sturdy it is and how good the vision is with it on. From what I have seen on dry slow growing conditions it has performed very nicely.

    Do you experience a squealing sound when you engage the blades from where the blower is?

    The initial girl I spoke to was new and knew nothing. She was pleasant but not helpful. She did not follow up or return calls I had made which I did not appreciate. I spoke to a gentleman on one occasion, and the president on another and both were very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Thanks for the info on the u-bolts. I thought they were for the other style wheel weights. There was no instructions for the individual weights that sit over the castor's. Now it may seem logical to use the u-bolts, but the two large lag bolts on each weight made things less obvious. Maybe I can remove them and use them on my girls playhouse.

    I did find the spindle washer, it was sent in an individual bag that I set to the side.

    How is your unit holding up over the years? I can't weight til my workers grab one of these bags full of wet grass and try to toss it over their head into the truck!

    Thanks again Ken
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    There is only one place to grease the bearing for the fan. Make sure that it has been greased.

    I personally don't use a bagger until Fall. It detaches easily in the Spring and on goes a Qwikchute.

    So....I can say that I do not remember a squeal when engaging the blades....however, I try not to engage the blades at more than half throttle, then bring the speed up.
    That might be your problem, engaging the blades at too high a speed. Everything that moves has to get up to speed very quickly, and the squealing you hear may very well be a belt slipping on a pulley, trying to spool up the blower fan from nothing to operating speed, along with the pulleys/spindle/bearings/blades on the mower deck.
    This puts tremendous strain on belts/mag clutch/bearings/etc.

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