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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by bicmudpuppy, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. bicmudpuppy

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    Lets talk Humic Acid. A lot of the "organic" micros I've used in the past are Humic Acid and L-amino rich. If I can get a Humic Acid source at an affordable price and an injector to feed it through the irrigation system, what kind of benefits do you guys think I could expect. Possible that I could use the same injector to feed molasses as well.

    Also, if you agree this is a good idea, how high/low a rate do you go? The original suggestion from the supplier was along the lines of 4-5 gallons of material / month. We were talking about an 8-10% humic acid liquid.
  2. bicmudpuppy

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    On similar ground, what makes humate "active"? I have seen sources for both active humate and inactive humate.
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  4. treegal1

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    oh oh yes humates any way you can, a little goes a long ways and water it in
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    4-5 gals / what volume of water?

    Not worth the cost IMHO. Let nature make it's own humic substances, just provide the raw material and suitable habitat to do it.

    IF you really find a need for it, then apply it with the CT.

    As far as "active" I would assume they are talking biologically "active" substances vs. humin.
  6. NattyLawn

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    As far as active vs. inactive, are you talking about water soluble (humic acid) vs insoluble (raw lenardite)?

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    a little goes a long way as was said
    what r you trying to get at?
  8. bicmudpuppy

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    The humic acids along with seaweed/kelp are in the natural wetting agents I have had access to in the past. Using the humic acids to help with water intake and the flushing of my salts has been recommended as possibly helpful with a low cost. Something along the cost line of about $325/275gal tote. Was suggested we try the 4-5gal/month rate (just over one tote/month injected) How much water? I was picturing doing about 1/4th of the recommended amount for 65 irrigated acres injected into around 750,000 gallons of water, once per month. This would be one of two "heavy" waterings per week.

    There are local sources for "inactive" humate. The term "inactive" made me wonder what "active" humate would be? Humic acid? or humate that is in soil and not from a mined source? The terminology was what caused me to ask my question.
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    Has anyone used turf pro liquid products? I'm finally jumping on the green bandwagon and have found this product online.
    I have used it at home with way cool reults...
  10. bicmudpuppy

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    I really like the results I have had with a couple of products from Growth Products. There Essentials, Restore, and Hydromax (wetting agent) have all given me fantastic results in the past.

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