Humic Acid?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by PKLIP, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. PKLIP

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    I am just wondering what everyone's experience with Humic acid is, and what can I expect by incorporating it into my program. The benefits sound amazing, but what can I realistically expect in the short term and long term? I was looking to incorporate into my Summer applications when it is too hot to fertilize. A lot of my lawns have terrible clay soil and I was hoping these could help to improve those. The benefits I have read include-
    •chelating nutrients and making plant available
    •"detoxifying" the soil
    •improving soil structure by making it more porous (would like to understand more about this)
    •improving soil microbial activity (don't understand this since it is not a food source, right?)
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Subscribing. We too have tight clay here in MN. I am thinking of getting some Humic DG and trying out on my own lawn as guinea pig, but would love to hear more on the bennies....
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  3. Garrett1234

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    I was using green county then they bailed on CALIFORNIA. So I started Anderson’s and thus far i can see no major changes (that’s good, I was very pleased where i was at).
    It’s not like using a synthetic fert and three days later poof. I use it as a component to dominate.
    I believe in it. Scientifically not a clue on the planet other than what you can read on the net I guess.
    But i drop # for # Anderson’s and synthetic fert same time. I’ll stay with this during the next year and hope to see continued lush green lawn. I always apply when applying fert. Downside, Anderson’s is EXPENSIVE
  4. OP

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    Which Greene County products? I just placed an order and was going to try out the Humic12 + SeaK on some lawns. Also ordered some RGS and Air8.

    I am just trying to figure out what I can realistically expect, and whether or not this is snake oil. It would be important to see a visual response after an application, even if it is somewhat subtle which is why I plan on incorporating the SeaK.

    Interestingly enough I have a very current turfgrass management textbook that makes zero mention of humic acid in it.
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    Here's a great article on humic acid and turf.
    My experience with humic acids have been positive when incorporated in a programmatic approach. It's not a miracle product, but there is sound science showing long term benefits on turf.
    I once took a tour of a research project on humates at Old Dominion University. They were trying to determine it's molecular structure. Results were inconclusive.
  6. phasthound

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    I forgot to mention that some of the equipment they were using was so powerful, nobody with a pacemaker was allowed to enter the room.
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    Not a magic bullet. You will need two to three treatments to notice anything. Kelp for less is where I bought my kelp. Has Humic in it. Cheap too. If I do anything else this year I would add carbon. I would like to try Anderson’s Humic.
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  8. Garrett1234

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    I was usin humic and rgs. Some air8 and micro green. I found it to be a wonderful addition to a program. I like a synthetic punch for the turf. I like the bios for the soil. It’s not quick. By the time it’s helping you don’t notice, it’s just better. I’m no scientist. Would never enter a debate on molecular structure cause I’d lose on the title alone. But I have eyes. I used my labor to apply. And it works. Pissed green county dropped our state of ca. But this far no regress woth amdersons
  9. Mizzou21

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    I started using some of the Green County products on my lawn this year. RGS, Humic 12, Air8 and Microgreen. I've been applying at a very low rate 3oz per 1k sqft per month, so only 9 oz so far of each.

    I actually have a test plot where 1/2 is treated and other half is not. As of now I see no visual difference between the 2 but it's been a really nice spring/summer so far. Below avg temps and plenty of rain so turf hasn't been stressed. From what I've read, humic helps turf during times of heat and drought stress.

    I also have not taken any core samples or done any soil test to see if it's making a difference that I can not see. Here is a thread from another site where a couple members show the difference in their soil in areas treated vs non treated.
  10. phasthound

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    That's pretty impressive.
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