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hungry blower


LawnSite Senior Member
northeast ,ohio
blowing off a lot and all of the sudden i hear what sounds like a muffled airplane a half second later i pull my partially eaten shirt from bebind blower i got a good laugh that i remembered a past thread on this very subject

whatch they are hungry and its fall

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
Was it a Shidaiwa? We have a Shin that gets hungry too, but the Red Max hasn't eaten a shirt yet.


LawnSite Platinum Member
While using a handheld blower, my son had walked up to me. I then noticed that his head was against the intake side of the blower. His draw string from his jacket hood had gotten sucked in! He wasn't hurt.


LawnSite Silver Member
using a backpack blower (in my case the BP-400) you need to tuck in your shirt tail. or you wont have a shirt tail!


Jerrys Lawn Service

LawnSite Member
So far my BR400 has eaten numerous shirt tails, rags in my
back pocket, a helpers handkerchief, a decorative flag
hanging off of a customer's porch! WOW what an appetite!

Good Luck!

Five Star Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Bronze Member
my redmax hasnt even came close to eating anyhting except a few leaves and some dirt now and then.