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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Eagleseye, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Eagleseye

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    Need some thoughts from u guys. Have an existing apt. complex that I have under maintence contract, and the irrigation has taken a direct hit from lighting. I have tested the system and found damage to about 37 zones. The wire has melted through out propert, even into mainline, never seen nothing like it. ( up till now ).

    Their insurance is going to cover the repairs, except for 2500.00 deductable, was thinking about converting to a 2 wire system. It is more money, but they all willing to do it. The main reason for the 2 wire convertion is, I'm thinking about plowing in the wire, vs. trenching. Approx. 6300 feet worth.

    Any thoughts? Yeh or Nay
  2. Sprinkus

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    Just do it!
    Hunter will work or Weathermatic Smart Wire.
  3. DanaMac

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    How does 2 wire do with lightning strikes? Or the module or whatever it is called that attaches to the valve?
  4. HokieAg07

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    Two wire is very vulnerable to lightning. It is imperative that the controller and two wire path be grounded; two wire path grounded every few hundred feet (varies per mfg)
  5. Without A Drought

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    Interesting topic. I have an install coming up in sept/oct, that i spec'ed 2wire. It's roughly 35 zones, nothing too crazy. I figure it'll be a nice intro to 2wire, as i've never installed one.

    tips and pointers welcome.
  6. Sprinkus

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    Wire splices are critical. Do them yourself or do them yourself.
    Use a high quality connector 3M DBY, DBR, DBRY. Don't use pre-filled wire nuts.
    Get a good UF Cable Stripper, don't try to use a knife to cut back the jacket on the jacketed cable.

    SPEEDSKI LawnSite Member
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    This is the #1 thing to remember!!!! Let me say it again, WIRE SPLICES ARE CRITICAL!!!

    Make sure you do the splices with the proper grease packs as stated, but also make sure you have a good set a Linesman Pliers, Wire Strippers and cables strippers.

    Just about 8 out of 10 issues with 2-wire end up being the connection. Hunter ACC is nice equipment with built in surge. YOU DO NOT NEED SURGE EVERY 200 FT. ACC has the surge built into each decoder.

    No 2-wire requires surge every 200ft. We have installed RB, Hunter ACC & DUAL, and TUCOR. 800 - 1000ft is the norm.

    We have almost 20 ACC installs and what I do like about the Hunter is the new ICD programmer. Works great for installing and service. If they run you into a budget and you only have to deal with 37 zones. Go with the DUAL, less expensive, but you will have to put sugre every 1000ft.

    The DUAL is pretty cool. Love the ICORE controller.
  8. NC_Irrigator

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    Like sprinkus said above^^

    king innovation makes a UF stripper that is a life saver for 2-wire cable.

    Not many people know about it, but its similiar to a potato peeler. It is a MUST for anyone working with UF wire, strips it in seconds safely.

    same link...

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    Only one major problem with 2 wire as I see it. You are stuck using the proprietary remote. Just for that reason alone if I was to do two wire I'd use Rain Master Control Systems. I'm not even sure they have 2 wire but if they don't I'd wait til they did.
  10. Sprinkus

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    Rain Master TWICE

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