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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Sep 16, 2007.


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    Never hear about the Hunter ET system. Hear lots about all the rest. Anybody using it and can you give us feedback.
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    I found a box of hunter sprays and a bag of about 200 hunter plastic nozzles while cleaning out our storage unit tonight that hunter mailed my dad about a year ago. also had two full remote systems.

    hey, atleast they were free. now I wont have to buy nozzles for dinky repairs for the next few months.

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    Is it the cheap remote or the better remote? Might be able to get money for the better ones.

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    Here are two links for further feedback.

    My only comment is that it looks like a difficult install at a typical house. I like the additional bells and whistles but mounting that is going to take some time. The WM is more install friendly since it mounts with a gutter clip. (The small monitor) If they ever get their wireless out and it really works their sales will skyrocket since hardwiring in sensors seems to be a thing of the past. Henry my assistant hardwires in monitors better than anybody in town in my personal opinion. I tell him he was meant to be a key grip or rock band set up man.
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    I had one scheduled to install at a customer's last April. The owner is a bank founder, his wife is big in charity fundraising... lots of potential acquaintances that I know these people would recommend me to if the system worked well.

    I balked. First issue, I was told I needed to install the unit 6 to 20 feet above turf under an open sky.

    Well, the areas not under shade trees were the front lawn area... nice big rolling lawn that is part of the whole look of this home in a rather toney neighborhood...

    The only thing I can think to do is to conceal it within some kind of sculptural feature...

    Meanwhile, I also looked into Rain Bird's ET Manager.... yeah, the nearest weather station is like 350 miles away in Irvine. :-( .... Not relevant at all.

    In the end, I installed a wireless rain sensor, and I'll wait till something better comes along.
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    6-20 feet? Why not put it up on the roof?

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    If I remember right you are familiar with the WM SL. How much did you get to look into the Hunter ET programming? Is it similar to the RB monitor in that it serves as a break in the common and you set the clock to run everyday? Can it be installed on any clock?
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    CalSense with soil sensors

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    This is why I'm looking into soilmoisture sensors. I run into a lot of situations in which hardwiring a monitor in is not practical.

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    I saw this coming:waving:

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