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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by surge, May 10, 2005.

  1. surge

    surge LawnSite Member
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    In a previous thread I was thinking of installing Hunter PGP heads. I have done a little more reading and it looks like the Hunter I-20 heads seem to have all the benifits of the PGP plus it seems like they are a little more rugged, have check valves, and can be turned off individually. I also noticed that the I-20's have a 5 year warranty vs the 2 year warranty with the PGP's. To me this would signify that these guys are a lot more heavy duty and would last longer than the PGP. I am right in assuming this? The difference is only like $3 a head between the I-20 and the PGP's. Not sure if it is worth the extra $$ or not.

    I noticed that these have the option of stainless steal housings as well. I am curious what you guys think of these as well.

  2. johndarron

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    I would go with the I-20 (great head).
  3. JeffY

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    I really like the I-20s. They seem to have a stiffer spring in my opinion. The shut-off feature is really nice although we've yet to have to use it. I would prefer getting the I-20s over the PGP. I've only used the stainless steel on the I-25s. I don't really see the reason for stainless steel other than aesthetics.
  4. bicmudpuppy

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    The I-20 is a good head. The 5 year warranty means I get to help the cost of my inventory from time to time. They do still fail on percentage within the 5 year period. The shut off feature is great for landscapers when installing sod. You can shut them all off and turn the zones on. The head is then UP so the sod guy doesn't bury them, and as they move past the heads, they can be turned back on to immediately water the sod.

    Now, to continue to be a broken record :) The CR500 from irritrol doesn't shut off, but it is unidirectional at 360, pops up 5", the nozzles are much better, only needs 30psi to function, is less expensive, and also has an unconditional 5 year just like the I-20.
  5. surge

    surge LawnSite Member
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    Thanks everyone, that is what I thought. I'll bump up to the i-20's instead of the PGP. Thanks again!
  6. sprinkler guy

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    Part of the benefit to the stainless steel sleeve on the shaft is that it protects the riser/shaft from abrasive soils. An abrasive soil can wear grooves in the plastic riser stem, thus allowing blow-by around the riser. Not to take anything away from Hunter's PGP, but the I-20 has a handful of features that the PGP doesn't. Standard check valve, thicker rubber cover, heavier cap, more threads to the cap/body connection, tighter spring, a 6" pop-up version, plus the shut-off. The I-20 also has a handful of other nozzles that the PGP doesn't offer, especially at the low end with the 18' and 25' matched nozzles. If you are doing custom residential or design build work, offer the I-20 as an optional upgrade.

    Sean Billante
    Sales Manager
    Aqua-Flo Supply, Inc.

    P.S. - before Hunter had an I-20, many moons ago, they offered the PGP as standard, or with a stainless steel shaft. They later renamed the stainless version as the I-20, to move it into the Institutional family.
  7. Broker

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    a homeowner can purchase the I-20's for 13 plastic and a littler more for the SS @
  8. BSME

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    Question: I know rainbird maxis have the date on the cap... but how can you tell how old the I-20s (or PGPs) are to see if you can take it back?
  9. jerryrwm

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    They have the date code stamped on the flow tube below the turret. Not sure on the SS models
  10. sprinkler guy

    sprinkler guy LawnSite Member
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    Most manufacturers have gone to date coding with a 4 digit number (MM/YY). On the PGP, the number you are looking for is on the rotating part of the riser turret, about 180 degrees offset from the nozzle opening. On the I-20 SS model it will be at the bottom of the riser turret, where the check valve is located. PGPs carry a two year warranty and the I-20s a five year warranty, from the date of manufacture.

    Hope this helps.

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