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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Summett, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Summett

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    I was thinking about my new irrigation system that was installed and thought of a question that i'd pose to you experts.

    I have Hunter I-20's throughout my yard. Is there is big different in the types of nozzles that you can put in? In other words, i have some heads that arc at 90 degrees, some at 180 & some at 360 (within the same zones).

    It seems like they all rotate at the same speed and "seems" like they spray all the same, but i can't really tell and my contractor didn't indicate that he installed different nozzles within a zone. All the nozzles are blue that i can see.

    Are there different nozzles and how can you tell (other than looking at the spray) that they actually spray different? Do you suggest that i change the nozzles based on the arcs within a zone?

    Your suggestions and expertise are appreciated.
  2. aquamtic

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    Lift up the heads with the system off and read the nozzle size. They should differ from each arch radius
  3. DGI

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    The nozzles are the same color etc. but have a little number near the top indicating which they are.

    It is unlikely that your system was setup to have matched precipitation. Few do it. A problem that you will probably run into by trying to re-nozzle it yourself is losing your head-to-head coverage. It's hard to maintain 30+ft of spray with small nozzles.
  4. Summett

    Summett LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info. So DGI, do you just suggest adjust the time in each zone to get close based on different areas in the yard and the sun/shade, etc?

    Currently have all the zones set for the same length of time. Of course, this probably isn't the best time of year to get it down. Might need to wait until next year.

    Thanks again for the input.
  5. HBFOXJr

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    You have to know the precipitation rate for each zone. There are formulas to compute that.

    You have to know the historical ET (evapotranspiration rate) for your area.

    There are too many unknowns for us to help here. Go to Hunters or RB website for more info.

    I install matched precipitation nozzles with a proper layout and head to head coverage. Zones are initially set with the controllers water budget set at 100%, zone timing set to deliver 1/7th (daily watering) of the needed for the month with the highest ET. Then once per month reset the water budget as appropriate with no zone changes. Of course actual experience may determine individual zone run time for sun, shade, slope etc. But once set the water budget is all you need.
  6. Critical Care

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    By the way, Summett, your I-20s should have a "FloStop" control on them that will allow you to turn off the water at the sprinkler head. This is nice when you want to try different nozzles without having to go back and forth to the controller.

    As well as what Harold and the others mentioned, also remember that a nozzle such as the 2.0 I-20 nozzle has a precip rate of .3 inches per hour (at 50 psi pressure), and for a 180 degree arc. However, if you use that same nozzle to water a full circle, then your precip rate will only be half as much. Or, if you water a quarter of a circle (90 degree) area, then you'll be putting down twice as much water.

    What is frequently done is that nozzles that water half circle areas will roughly have twice the precip rate as the nozzles that water only 90 degrees.

    It takes some thinking in the design stage, because when you start changing nozzles you also change your flow rates, and thus possibly end up with a situation where you don't have enough water available for a correct nozzle configuration. And as DGI pointed out, your radius can be effected.

    There are also low angle nozzles for the I-20s. I think that they have "LA" marked on the nozzle.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The first thing I might ask is why this chore is on you, rather than the contractor who installed the system. Secondly, is there a problem that you are having that you would want to change the nozzles?

    Lastly, the flostop controls are great, but Hunter has yet one more tool that can help you depending on what controller you have. If your controller has a "smart port" for about $250.00 you can buy a homeowners radio sytem. Plug the reciever into the "smart port" and you can turn off or on, any station you need to where ever you are on your property. We have the ICR, and have reprogramed a controller while sitting at a restaraunt 2 miles away. If you have a big yard, these little toys save alot of steps.

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