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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by coyotekid, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Hi guys--

    I had a repair call Saturday for a system that I DIDN'T install and has been in the ground roughly 14 years.

    All the rotors in the front lawn are Hunter PGMs--which are long deceased, if I'm correct? The homeowner states they've held up surprisingly well, but many are not rotating anymore, etc. They've gotta be replaced.

    What would be a good choice to replace all the heads with? It's a small system with lots of pressure, but I'd rather not tear up his whole lawn and re-do the entire system--I'd just like to replace the heads, even though the system could be designed better in regards to location of the heads.

    Problem 2:

    There's a long narrow strip of lawn, approximately 12 ft. wide, that's watered by pop-up 180 degree sprays located along each side of the strip. They're some bargain basement heads that I'm not sure what they even are! Most are not working anymore and need to go. The house borders the narrow strip, so I'd like to keep overspray to a minimum. What would be a good choice here, again without re-doing the entire system design? Are sprays still considered a "modern" design?

    Thanks for all the help!
  2. Keith

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    Sprays, modern? I think sprays will always have a place in the sprinkler world. If it works well, I'd just go in and replace what is there with Rainbird 1800's with 12' MPR nozzles.

    I take it the PGM's are in a small-ish area? If they worked well there, then you could go with Hunter PGJ's, or another brand. Most companies sell a small-mid sized rotor, I use K-Rain MiniPros. Personally, if the customer was willing to pay for something better, I'd probably try to sell them on Hunter I20's with short radius nozzles. Heck, maybe even MP Rotators. Then again, I am just assuming what you are working with here.
  3. DarkLotus

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    I believe the Hunter PGJ's fit the PGM's body. So just replacing the guts will be easiest. I'm not huge fan of them, but they seem to work well. I don't think you can get another 14 years out of those replacements.
  4. PurpHaze

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    Correct. Same bodies except that the bottom threaded area is a little different on the PGJs. The PGJ just slips right into the PGM body. However, bump the nozzle size of the pre installed nozzle of the PGJ up one size to get the same coverage but watch your total zone GPM.

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