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Before I replaced them all or even if I did replace them all I’d add a filter off the well. Had a system few weeks ago with similar problem installed a 1” vu-flow filter plumbed to a battery operated scrubber valve to flush twice a week. Fixed the problem. Also have quite a few systems with the same well filters that get by only having to be flushed once a year.
Have a source for this?


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buildup is soft, but don't just wash off either, have to wipe/scrub it off.
I'm not real sure if they are wide open or not, there was 2 valves out of 7 that had pictured kind of buildup, others were not as bad, but still had some.
They still really wouldn't totally shut off, somewhat hard to say since water supply is inadequate to supply both.
Mainly 2 valves that wouldn't completely shut off.
Kinda wondering if a filter on the water supply would help, or just get plugged up as well. Looked at RB PEB's, - kinda pricey to say the least.
Seems rather strange that system has worked for several years, and now is having issues.
Hate to replace valves, and have the same issue. Not that I have any love for the Hunter PGV valves.
I’ve seen similar buildup and I don’t think it’s your problem.
if it’s just the 2 valves giving you problems but all the valves have the buildup then….maybe it’s not the cause

Yes PEB’s are 5 times the cost if not more but cheaper than service calls, I assume you’re charging for the time you’re spending

Again I’d look deeper.

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