Hunter SRS spray problems

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by smithsonmi, Jul 23, 2001.

  1. smithsonmi

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    Anyone else have problems where the SRS spray nozzles clog and have uneven sprays? The filters are fine and it sometimes helps if I adjust them to zero and turn back to clean them out.

    Local supply says this is a problem with Hunter spray nozzles and sold me some Rainbird spray nozzles to replace. I do like how the Rainbird's adjust better, so far so good on the spray pattern.

    On another point, a contractor at the supply said they don't use the filters in their spray heads because they clog and cause too many callbacks. Anyone else? I would imagine this would be fine for a city water supply but a well or lake supply..........
  2. HBFOXJr

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    I've seen most kinds and only used a few in 30 years. In plastic nozzles, Rain Bird is the best. Used to use their 1800 series and have switched to Hunter Institutionals w/RainBird nozzles.

    We stock genuine half and full circle in 8' through 15' radius, 8' to 15' adjustables for the other parts of circles plus center, side and end strips.

    Found out in the early 80's that the plastic nozzles sprayed better than the prettier, more expensive brass. Had a booster pump on a low city water pressure job and had underwatered areas in front of the heads. WE were not over pressurized and wwere properly sized and spaced head to head. Went to plastic and the spots greened up. Only brass I use now is for 6' center strips as every one is about 4' for strips and we occasional get a wide one.

    Use the screens all the time. You can't adjust radius with out them. If water has a little dirt you need them and if its clean water its just in case. The holes in the adjustable are very small and I wouldn't work with out a screen.
  3. greasemonkey

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    The company I wrok for uses just about everything hunter (they love that preffered contractor program) except their srs nozzles. My boss tells me that they're just not reliable enough and even when they're not clogged they aren't as uniforom as the rainbird VAN's. The rainbird van's seem to be pretty reliable and it sure cuts down on the inventory hassle issue. We carry 12vans, 15vans, side strips, center strips and end strips. In my personal oppinion, none of the adjustable nozzles spray as nicely as fixed pattern nozzles, but consider the extra time to nozzle each head differently or to try to explain to non english speakers what nozzle you want where, and the fact that most customers don't care enough to want to pay for the slightly more uniform spray and you can see why van's work really well.

  4. smithsonmi

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    Do Rainbird side strips provide better coverage than the SRS strips? I have found the SRS is VERY 'bow-tie' shaped and you can end up with a dry area a couple feet in front of the head.

    I like adjustables for better coverage along a fixed boundary. For example, along a driveway, the head isn't directly against the drive, so you need slightly more than 1/2 circle.
  5. HBFOXJr

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    G-Monkey, I agree with you that fixed arcs are a nicer pattern. Also a more trouble free pattern which is we use real halfs and fulls to cut or problem exposure. Seems like the adjustables always pick up some little piece of dirt or grass externally that interupts the fan coverage. Usually can be removed but seems more frequent and more difficult than fixed arcs. Usually a finger nail if you have them or in a bad case a small pocket knife will do the trick on a fixed arc. The adjustables need to be removed and fiddled with sometimes. They just p___ me off more frequently but are still woth using.

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