Hunter's new Weather monitor set up.

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    At the DIA CEU show I looked over Hunters new ET system. Much better this go round than last. Has a tipping rain gauge and radiation shield. Hooks up to any Hunter timer I believe. Price seemed really good as well. Heckuva a lot better than that RB atrocity. Combining that with their smart port/remote set up has me giving Hunter the big boys controller edge right now. Anybody tried it yet and have feedback?
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    Too many things to plug in together. $$$ for the H.O. Even though it seems like it has more bells and whistles, the calculations still don't save as much as WM.
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    I think I would agree with this for the most part. I like the all-in-one solution, however if you already have a relatively new controller, an add-on manager is a viable solution.

    Can you show us why? Seems to me, the more on-site variables you measure, the more accurate ET estimate you get. The Hunter system measures solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity, rain inputs, and optionally wind for ET calculations. The WMSL only measures temp and rain inputs.

    Furthermore, looking at their ET System Work Sheet, it would appear that it offers more fine-tuning options that WMSL.
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    According to an ET class I attended last fall, the WM weather monitor is within 5% of true ET derived from a Davis-type weather station. Of course there are micro climates but most of the data needed can be derived through math.
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    Hey, why are you inside? Get back into the trench!:)
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    What other controllers were tested and how did those numbers compare?
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    The test results were from WM on the SL controller. It was collected to determine the value of the unit. For the cost of the equipment in relationship to the savings in water/money, it's a real bargain. This is especially true when compared to never-ending monitoring fees from guys like RB. The variable could be much higher and still come in substantially lower than RB.

    I don't use Hunter controllers so any input I have on their SMART controllers is second-hand. Comparing apples to apples, what would a Hunter controller cost (with weather monitoring)?

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    I don't think it can be added to any controller. Works just with a Hunter that allows the wiring set up.
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    I believe WMSL uses the
    Hargreaves-Samani equation
    or a derivative of that equation.


    The Hunter ET Manager which most likely uses the Penman-Montieth equation (or the ASCE derivative of).

    The Penman-Montieth equation (and derivatives) is generally accepted world wide as the most accurate method for calculating ET when the required data is available.

    Good questions are:

    Is the Hunter system overkill for your typical residential property?
    What are the costs associated with installing the manager?

    Last I checked, the cost was anything but reasonable when including the weather station. Perhaps this has changed? If not, IMHO this puts the Hunter solution out of reach for your typical residential property which pretty much leaves the WMSL as the only cost effective solution.
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    I think your right about this (hooks into one of the smart ports). Bad move on Hunter's part. :hammerhead:

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