Hunting Elephants, Revisited

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Stonehenge, Jan 29, 2001.

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    In considering the posts from
    From last year, and putting together information to attract more commercial business, I've thought of a few more questions.

    Based on the posts I don't think we're ready to go after the big contracts ($100K+). I don't have crew foremen I feel strongly about, and have no clerical staff. So it'll have to be smaller stuff. But I'm still committed to expanding into this arena. I'm just not ready to sign up for Dodge reports, take on additional staff I can't yet support, etc.

    Also, bonding is an issue that I need much more info about.

    I've taken the previous advice to heart, but I'm wondering what anyone can advise about hunting 'baby' elephants (up to $50K).

    Can I worry less about putting up my house, etc as bonding collateral for the smaller stuff?

    Is there a good bonding reference book/manual anyone could direct me to?

    Also, is there a good reference on Davis-Bacon? I hear this a lot but am unfamiliar.

  2. paul

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    Stonehenge, Their are lots of jobs in the price range that you are looking at, in fact most commerical work is under that $50K limit. Start by looking at public work jobs that have gone out in the last year, write letters to companys that are building stores, office buildings, industrial sites,ect. Get put on their bidding list, talk to the buyers and purchasing agents. Don't worry about Davis-Bacon act that only applies to goverment work. Get your Name out meet and greet, buy lunch for these guys.
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    I dont have a great deal of experience here but i will try to tell you what i have learned/ gleaned so far. First off, Im a junior in the civil engineering department at Virginia Tech. Over the summer run my lanscaping business while intering. This past summer i worked preconstruction/estimateing for a GC in the Northern Va / DC area. I learned there that commercial (meaning building construction) lanscaping is cut throat, as im sure you know. I dont know about parks/municapal work. As for your bond/ davis bacon question. You might look for a book called Construction Managment by Daniel Halpin and Ronald Woodhead published by John Wiley & sons. It a overview of the whole construction process and it deals with built facilites (buildings roads etc.) versus landscaping specificly. It is a good introduction to the whole process and may be worth a trip to By whole process i mean bidding, contracts, leagal suff, project managemnt, money etc. It is a good treatment of the material, but i dont know what you already know so it might be just a rehash for you. If you want me to, i will do some checking on more detailed info on bonding and davis bacon.
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    Pete -

    Thanks for the info. I don't expect you to do research FOR me, but if you've got some ready references, I'd surely take them.

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