??? Hurricane Damaged Trees ???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Need a Little Trim, Nov 7, 2005.

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    I have received 2 calls today about taking a look at some crepe mirdle trees that were slightly uprooted during our recent storm here in New Orleans. They supposedly were not totally up rooted and more likely the tree and root structure pushed over along with the soil.

    Any suggestions on the best way to solve this problem? Is it worth it for the customer and myself to try and upright the tree?

    I am assuming that as long as it isn't dead I should be able to pull it over straight and stake it and tie down for a period of time while it re roots itself.

    Any good ferts to use on this to get the root system to to aid in keeping it upright????

    Thanks for the help.
  2. miacharger

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    You're correct, unless the roots are cracked close to the trunk, it will regrow and reroot with no problems. Here in Florida this is a common problem. If you're getting paid well you might also want to carefully dig close to the tree and remove some dirt from underneath as well as any cracked roots, add some good topsoil when done, this way more roots will grow for the next time. Once I had a Mango tree fall here , completely out of the ground. Before replanting I drilled out all of the rock undeneath and created a hole about 12 feet across and down to the water table ( 5 feet) and filled with sand/muck. This tree did not fall over in the last two storms and has produced a great Mango crop every year! We suffer from grossly shallow "soil" and shallow rooted trees tip over often.
  3. Need a Little Trim

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    We have a similar problem here and you guys in florida should be the experst when it somes to these hurricanes by now. Do you have a fertilizer suggestion to speed up the root restructuring process? Or just do the topsoil application?

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