hurricane Irene

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    Turn on the gps tracking device on your phones and send them to us so we can see when your power and cell service cuts off.
  2. Sprinkus

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    Pictures, we want pictures!
    Seriously though, stay safe guys.
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    It was crazy today there were lines at every gas station and not a flash light to be found
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    Now it's just a waiting game. Skies are starting to look nasty. says it's losing strength but other sources are saying it's one for the history books. I believe the storm impact is hard to predict.
    Pictures will be posted once there's something to show.
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    Mets games cancelled this weekend
  6. Mark B

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    I am surprised the weather channel does not have someone real close to landfall area. No live reports from morehead city area. It will be interesting to see if cape lookout light house will survive.
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  7. tadpole

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    What bothers me is the fact that the central pressure and the reported max wind velocity do not jive. Plus the fact that the central pressure is still dropping. Down to 950 mb since last advisory.
    When Hurricane Ivan hit us head-on in 2004, it had a central pressure of 951 mb and made landfall as a Cat 3 storm, but the storm surge and damage were consistent with a Cat. 4 or 5.
    The NHC really doesn't know what the surface wind velocity actually is. It is extrapolated from flight level wind velocities when there is no means of surface observation. Looking at this thing on satellite and based on over 50 years of living through these things, I seriously believe that the NHC has underestimated the actual strength of this storm. Or maybe they are only telling the various state government agencies (based on some of the official actions already put in force).

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    Regardless the storm isn't going to weaken rapidly. It will hit LI still a hurricane and even as a cat 1 that could be devastating. Interesting observation I heard was that the trees in many areas are going to get pummeled with a SE wind. Since they are accustomed to NW winds it will cause some serious tree damage above what is anticipated. Keep our fingers cross and ride it out as a country and hope for the best.

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    Then you have opinions like this in which its all a bunch of media hype to drive a story and distract our attention from the economy.

    Be interesting to see how right this guy is. He says it will be nothing more than strong gusts by Delaware.
  10. Autoflow

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    Good luck to all you guys in the affected areas.

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